January 12, 2011

Seven Hundred and Thirty Days.

Once upon a time, there was a mamma. A mamma whose heart was a little bit broken and whose life felt a little too snug.

She stretched and fought against the role of motherhood that sometimes felt like it was ruthlessly stomping out the rest of her.

her, then.

After a long struggle, God rescued her from feeling like she was never enough... from feeling like raising her child wasn't a high enough calling in and of itself. He came and showed her that this season was handcrafted for her growth and well-being, and the growth and well-being of her family, and that it was MORE than enough.

That it was, in fact, the most IMPORTANT thing in the world.

That revelation was infinity times stronger than any anti-depressant that could be prescribed for her.

And this mamma, after being rescued from that unrelenting despair, felt her heart expand so much that it suddenly felt... quite roomy. Life no longer felt too snug or tight, it now felt broad and wide and sweeping! She found deep in her gut a strange new longing- a longing for new life.

Seven hundred and thirty days ago, that life arrived, and we named him Myer Elliot- "A Bringer of Light to the Lord our God".

him, then.

And for seven hundred and thirty days, that is exactly what Myer Elliot has been for me. He has lit up the face of God for me- so that I can see Him more clearly than I ever have before. He is a daily reminder and remembrance of what God has done in my heart... running up and down the halls squealing with delight, a banner proclaiming my rescue and freedom from despair.

What joy & laughter he has brought to our house! To his brother, to his father, to our parents and families! He is a huge blessing in our lives, and I know he is destined for amazing things.

him, now!

So... to my sweet, lighthearted boy of TWO:

Happy happy happy Birthday!
You make life bright!


Piper of Love said...

Two years old!? My goodness, time flies...
Happy birthday Myer!

Congrats, mamma... this post is breathtaking

Amanda said...

Awww! Happy Birthday to mister Myer! And I'm happy you found a happy place to be in, in motherhood. That's an accomplishment in itself!

The Guddats said...

I love your thoughts on motherhood. I am about to be a first time mom to two little boys (identical twins) and appreciate your candor about how your thought process has evolved.

lifeinlimits said...

What a *BEAUTIFUL* post. I needed this today. Thank you! And happy birthday to your little one!
(visiting from Suchakingdom.blogspot)

Mandy said...

I cannot tell you how much I love this post. : )

Anna said...

oh man, I am trying not to just sit here and weep. so sweet!

Photo Freak said...

I love you

Rita said...

Well now you've done it. I'm sitting here at the computer crying.

What a lovely post. And I can totally relate. I feel the EXACT same way about Paige. Like she turned on a light in my heart.

Happy Birthday to your sweet sweet boy.

Chelsea said...

I remember when he came home from the hospital! His cute little mo-hawk! What a stud!

you're such a good mamma! and you always have a way with words that get me so chocked up!

Happy birthday to Myer!