March 24, 2012

New Things.

Things, they are a-brewin'.

A story has been gradually unfolding underneath the busyness of this everyday life, like a slow pulling current, changing the direction of everything above it.

I plan to tell the story here, from beginning to end, in chapter format, starting very soon. It is full of twists and turns, tangible miracles, and a few good nail-biting moments. (of course!) I will be writing mostly to record and preserve the amazing things that God has done for us over the past few months, so that I can remember, but I pray that it would also encourage and build faith in those of you who choose to read along.


A week from today.

That is the day when, Lord willing, the final chapter will come to a close and the story will beg to be told.

I hope you'll forgive my lack of writing lately. I've had so very much to say, but haven't yet had the freedom to say it. I am so excited to start writing again, and to get to tell you all about what an amazing journey this has been!

Stay tuned! :)

March 8, 2012

The Many Months of Truman.

Tomorrow is my sweet baby Truman's birthday. I put together a twelve month montage like I did for Myer when he turned one.

This baby is perfection... the very antithesis of birth control. We adore him more and more each day we get to have with him.

My favorite thing on this earth right now is to watch him bounce on his chicken legs when music (of any kind) starts playing. I will have to try and get some video of it. You guys will DIE.

Without further ado, I present to you "The many months of Truman":

Oh, how we love you, sweet Trumie-doo!!! Thank you for making this life of ours ridiculously awesome. :)