December 31, 2008

Baby Showers and New Years.

Well, it's New Year's Eve. My husband helped plan a huge mega dance party celebration out at our friend's airplane hangar/house, and he is DJ-ing the entire event while simultaneously running the light show and being the MC.

I was planning on going to the big shebang, but... turns out I'm just too darn pregnant to handle all the hoopla. So, Ezra and I are at home. We stopped at Target on the way back home and I bought myself some sparkling cider and looked for the movie 'Notting Hill'. But they didn't have it. I also bought mini sized shampoo & conditioner to put in my yet-to-be-packed hospital bag. (BABY STEPS, people! BABY STEPS!)

Speaking of baby steps...

I've been meaning to post photos from my baby shower that I had a couple of weeks ago. Some dear friends of mine put it all together, and it was absolutely PERFCET and exactly what I was hoping it would be... My friend Rebekah hosted it (at the same airplane hangar house my husband is rocking right now) and it was a laid back candle-lit dinner with wine and good friends. Perfect in everyway, and I got some great gifts for the baby-dude-man. Here are some photos:

Le Table.

Crazy coziness.

The snack/gift table.

Amy, Shannon, Catherine

Lovely gifties.

The diaper cake... handcrafted by Rebekah's hubby Caleb.

My friend Erin MADE ME this blanket...

AND these baby blocks!!!!! Somebody sign this girl up for an etsy shop!

Some of the ladies.

Morgan & I.

Rebekah & Jacquie!

Leanne & Rebekah!

Erin (also radiantly pregnant), Me, and my mother-in-law Cathy.

I am so blessed to have found such sweet friends out here in Oklahoma. They are AMAZING and everyone made me feel so special and loved that night. I am a lucky, lucky momma.

So... uh...on that note... HAPPY NEW YEAR, all!!


December 28, 2008

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick....

Chris and I ventured out to the mall last night to see the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". (Amazing, BTW.) We knew before hand that it was a three hour movie, so I stretched and walked before I planted my butt in a theater seat for that long. As we I waddled my way through the mall towards the movie theater, I felt like all eyes were on me. Like there was a path clearing before me and everyone stopped to look at the ticking time bomb carefully making her way through the crowds.

It felt like they all knew something I didn't. Like I had a sign on my forehead that said "ANY TIME NOW." The teenage girls looked at me with fear in their eyes. The mothers gazed at me with sympathy and joy. The men stepped aside and nodded in my direction.

Any time now.

Throughout the movie I was having what felt like mild, regular pains that turned out to be probably just gas or something. But the pain got me thinking... this is really happening. Like, SOON. It's strange how it still all feels hard to believe even though I'm so big I can't put my own shoes on anymore.

I still haven't completely packed my hospital bag. Because... there's plenty of time for that... right?


I'm excited about the labor. I feel prepared and ready. I feel like my family is ready. It's the WAITING that is driving me insane now. Part of me knows I need to enjoy this last little bit of time we have left as a family of three, and the other part of me is so restless and anxious to meet this little guy that I can hardly focus on one thing for more than 20 seconds.

Oh look! There's something shiny over there!


December 25, 2008

A Christmas Snapshot.

Let me just say that I am feeling so happy and blessed right now that I could probably puke sparkles and tinsel if I felt like it. (Which... I don't.) Chris and Ezra are napping after the Christmas bliss (I should be too, I got 4 hours of sleep last night simply because I was too excited to turn off my smile), and the house is clean and quiet. My husband cooked Christmas Eve dinner last night and then made breakfast this morning and then cleaned the house after the mayhem.

I... wobbled around and took a bath with my new lavender bath powder (THANKS, DAD!!!!!!!) I may never leave the tub again!

My hubby got me super amazing PJs for the hospital stay after the birth because I had been stressing about finding the right comfy, warm, nursing friendly pajamas for well over a month now without buying anything for myself. He also got me a robe and... get this... COMFY PANTS THAT I CAN ACTUALLY WEAR!! I no longer hate pants.

Here's some photos of the joy that took place in my living room early this AM. The first is a dictated letter to Santa- word for word- from Ezra himself.

So. great.

Merry Christmas to everyone- and to our lovely and dear family spread out all over the country-- WE LOVE AND MISS YOU!!

December 21, 2008

December 19, 2008

35 Weeks Pregnant.

This past week in my pregnancy has brought much discomfort and subsequent grumpy scrooginess to my normally happy countenance. I am uncomfortable. I can't reach my own feet. NO PANTS WILL STAY UP AROUND THIS CANTALOUPE OF A BELLY. I swear, I feel like that's where two-thirds of my discomfort and grumpiness is coming from... from being ANGRY with my PANTS. I've gotten to this point where they won't stay up, so I am constantly pulling on them, and my underwear are being pushed down with every step I take, so I'm pulling on those too, and suddenly I'm in a blind rage and I feel like punching a wall. Seriously.

This is a downside of being pregnant in the Winter: PANTS. At least when it was warm I could wear flowy skirts and dresses. Now, every morning when I open my pants drawer, I feel 'the scowl' creep back on my face. And it doesn't leave again until I can ditch them that night. This even goes for pajama pants (with ties!)... and "mid belly" pants... and "under belly" pants... and "full belly coverage" pants... I'm convinced that there are NO pants made in the universe that will cooperate with this insane belly of mine.

To recap for those who may have dozed off during this rant: HATE. PANTS.

Also, I think this little boy may have scooted down lower a bit, because there's this new trick he does where he moves and then MY LEGS GO NUMB. Usually while I am walking or trying to fall asleep. He must think it's funny, because he does it a lot.

Couple of last complaints and then I'll shut up. (I'm not a big fan of the "Woe is me... I'm pregnant!" posts.) (Although I'm sure this won't be the last...)

- Extremely TIRED.
- Peeing every 5 minutes.
- Sore hips.

The upside- there are only 35! days! left! until my due date. I'm trying to heed the advice that my son gives me when I am groaning in discomfort: He says, "It's otay, mamma. The baby will be born soon. You just go sleep now."

So wise.

Ezra came 8 days early, so I am hoping and praying his brother will follow suit. They say that usually happens, right? If your first is a bit early, the rest tend to be too?



December 18, 2008

Ezra Sings.

So as not to be outdone by his silly ol' mom and pop, Ezra has recorded a song for you guys as well! Crank it up... you'll die from the cuteness.

Merry Christmas!

Jesus Loves Me by Ezra
Fandalism Free MP3 Hosting

December 15, 2008

A Pregnant Advent.

34 weeks! woot!

There has been something so incredibly special and significant about being pregnant during the Advent season this year. Advent lasts the four Sundays before Christmas, and is the season of eagerly awaiting and preparing for celebrating the birth of Jesus.

The word advent literally means "coming". And, boy oh boy, can I relate.

As we sing and talk of God coming to us as a helpless baby, it has been amazing to have the tangible example of how fragile and small the God of the universe became for us busily poking me in the ribs and stretching against my skin as I go about my day.

Is there anything more helpless than an unborn baby? Even... an embryo? To think that the God who governs all things at all times became an embryo for us... Was painfully born into filth and manure- roommates with a donkey and sleeping in the most humble box imaginable: a trough for the slop and food of musty barnyard beasts.

What a shocking King. A King who nurses at Mary's breast and intimately knows our pains and frustrations as human beings in this world. My kind of hero! Unexpected and seemingly unqualified. These heroes have the greatest stories, don't they?

God could have chosen to send His Son down to us from the clouds in a glorious light- expelling all rumors against His deity and authority. He could have appointed Him to instant power and plowed through His to-do list with nary an opposition. But who can relate to that? How will that kind of a God help the prostitute or the addicted father or the suicidal teen? The very people God came to rescue?

All of this to say... I'm thankful for this baby inside of me and this season. It has been a very poignant way for me to reconnect with the God I sometimes find myself too lazy to love. I'm falling in love with what He did for me all over again. Is it possible that God was thinking of me and my heart while His son was stretching against Mary's womb 2000 years ago? Knowing that this Jesus could speak to MY mother's heart about God's love like nothing else ever could?

I think it's just crazy enough to be true... Just unbelievable enough to embrace with every fiber of my being.


Here's a song I wrote a few years back about all of this. I think I may have posted it on this site EONS ago, but I thought I'd throw it up here again in case you want to hear it...

Humble Baby by emery clark

Also, here's a little Christmas song that Chris & I recorded this year! Hope you like it, too. It's one of my favorites.

Have Yourself A Merry Little C by emery clark & chris clark

To download either of these songs, click here.

Oh, I hope you like them!

December 8, 2008

Skate Away, Love.

We took Ezra ice skating with Chris' parents the other night, even though I was not entirely convinced that my extremely particular child would do too well with being pushed around in cold circles while being told to balance on thin metal blades that were permanently ATTACHED TO HIS SHOES. He typically tends to freak-the-heck-out over much smaller scenarios such as, oh, I don't know, removing his dirty t-shirts every night before bed, so I was preparing myself for an epic (and very public) meltdown.

Shows how much I know. The above photo pretty much sums it up. Ezra kept saying how it was the "most fun I ever had" and the only way to lure him back off of the ice was with a cup of hot chocolate laced with whipped cream. He LOVED it.

I (obviously) did not get to participate in the fun, but was consoled by a cup of delicious hot cocoa and the sight of my boys spinning themselves up in a heartwarming memory together. Good, good stuff.

The next day, Ezzie and I decided to make some cookies.

He was an excellent little helper... when he was not stealing bites and then attempting to decorate half eaten Christmas trees. We made a TON of cookies, so I was telling Chris while I decorated how it would be soooo nice to share them with the neighbors. He just smiled and kind of looked at me like he knew something I didn't.

By the very next day, most of those cookies had already been eaten... BY ME.

December 7, 2008

Our Nursery... on a Budget.

Well... what can I say? The nursery turned out even more amazing than I ever dreamed it could have. My husband put in hours and hours of work to pull it all off, and as it stands right now, we've only put about $400 into the project. That includes painting/wainscoting materials, furniture, and EVERY SINGLE OTHER THING in the entire room. So... we rocked it and should totally be on one of the trillion "room on a budget" shows that are out there.

Or maybe we'll just start a show of our own. LOOK OUT HGTV!

All the furniture was given to us or loaned to us or found on the side of the street and revamped by my husband.

I like to think of the room as having a "vintage modern" feel to it. Some of the accessories are modern, as well as the curtains, but the bedding and the owls and the chair (not pictured) give everything a vintage-y feel as well. At least, that's what I was aiming for. I could be waaaaay off. Maybe it's just a crazy hodge-podge. (I'm totally okay with that too, BTW.)

The wall color is not entirely discernible in these photos due to the lighting, but just picture the most wonderfully perfect brown that there ever was, and you'll be just about there.

We've still got some things to hang, (possibly some shelves?) and some more little owl knick-knacks to place here and there, and some organizing/cleaning everything up to do, but we are mostly DONE.

Next obstacle to tackle: THE CLOSET. (ohdearlord have mercy.)

More photos will come soon... this is just a little taste because I was just too excited to wait to show you all the results. I think it turned out AMAZING!

PS. That little card on the blue dresser is a Christmas card that Ezra made for baby brother today at church. **insert sound of heart melting to goo HERE**

We're all so so so excited to meet this little guy... it's kindof absolutely ridiculous.

December 5, 2008

Nursery Progress Photo!

Here's what the nursery looks like as of right now. Chris finished painting all the white a couple of days ago (the wainscoting took THREE coats to cover well!), and last night he textured all the walls. We've finally decided on a color, and he will finish all the painting in the next day or two.

After that, we get to move in all the furniture and decorate and set up all the bedding and WEEEEEEE!!!!!! I'm so very, very excited.

I cannot BELIEVE there are only 7 more weeks to go. That's, like, practically TOMORROW!

December 4, 2008


I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our family. We've named him "Cotton Headed Ninny-Muggins", or just 'Muggins' for short. He is our new Elf On A Shelf, and he came in the mail two days ago in a package from my Aunt KK and my Uncle John.

Earlier that day, I had heard about the 'Elf on A Shelf' Christmas Tradition while reading a blog, and I thought "I want to get one of those guys for Ezra!".

Then, lo and behold, that very same evening, MUGGINS SHOWED UP. I was as giddy as a school girl. Ezra stared wide-eyed as we read him the story of the adorable little elf.

According to the story, Muggins acts as Santa's "Good Behavior Spy" in the days leading up to Christmas. Every night, he flies off to the North Pole to tell Santa if Ezra has been a good boy or a naughty boy that day. When he returns to Ezra's house, he finds a new place to hide, so every morning, Ezra has to wake up and rush out of bed and try to find where Muggins is hiding.

He LOVES it.

And I LOVE it.

Because all I have to do when I see a tantrum or whining fit coming on is say "MUGGINS!" and the boy whips himself into shape faster than you can say

"Where has this glorious Elf been all my life?!"

December 2, 2008

32 (and a half!) Weeks Pregnant.

Y'all... I'm hugenormous. I've "popped". And if I hear one more "basketball smuggling" joke I may just go and hibernate for the rest of the winter. Heck, I may do that anyways- basketball reference or no... I am far too unbalanced to be walking around and stuff.


Seriously though, I'm still feeling pretty darn tootin' great. I don't do much these days... I pretty much just sit around and then lay around and then take another bath and read my book. I'm going through books like they were hotcakes. I feel like I should be exercising or walking around the neighborhood everyday, but I don't do it. I draw another bath instead. And have some more eggnog.

I'm probably averaging 3 baths a day at this point. (Sorry for the upcoming water bill, honey!) It just feel so good to FLOAT for a minute and be warm. I've also taken to another disturbing quirk that happened last time I was pregnant as well. I have this Lavender "bath powder" that I got from someone probably 5 years ago. It's almost gone, but I refuse to use the last of it because, multiple times throughout the day (while preggo), I will stop what I'm doing, go open the container, and SMELL the yumminess inside. Just smell it for a second or two- and then continue on my day. Is this strange? I can't stop myself. In fact, I'm smelling it now.

I told Chris he only needs to start worrying about me if I start cutting lines and snorting the stuff. THEN WE WILL HAVE A PROBLEM.

YES. I've moved this nearly empty container halfway
across the country with me, and into four different houses.
NO. They don't make the stuff anymore. *sniff*

This baby is rockin' and a rollin' inside of me, and tap dancing on my bladder, and making it more and more difficult to sing due to the fact that my diaphram is now MIA somewhere inside my body. He gets the hiccups a lot at night right when I lay down to go to sleep, and it's cute.

I'm going to try to take a tour of the Labor & Delivery Ward tomorrow, and get my pre-registration packet for the hospital admittance for when I go into labor. I've started doing fun things, too, like putting together a little online registry for family far away, and GET THIS, my dear friends Rebecca & Leanne are hosting a BABY SHOWER for me soon!! I'm so excited, I can't even stand it.

On my list of things to do still: Get stuff squared away with the insurance company for when this little dude makes his arrival, and start thinking of what to pack in the hospital bag. I may be two months out still, but you just never know. Also- track down a rocker/glider of some sort. (Woe! I have no chairs that move!)

Hello, Preparedness! (It's the girl scout in me...)

As per the "name" situation: DON'T ASK. I'm turning prematurely gray with the stress of it all over here. I just can't seem to get my heart to SETTLE on one. Lord have mercy! Like I said, I enjoy being prepared. This whole naming fiasco has gotten that little Girl Scout inside of me into a screaming tizzy. It's hard to feel "ready" when there are visions of birth certificates with "That Baby" written in the blank dancing in one's head.

Arrrrgg! I think I'll go take another bath.

December 1, 2008

Holiday Snapshots.

This weekend was wonderfully relaxing and my family & I had a super great Thanksgiving. The meal was fantastic and the company was even better. Here are some photos from the last few days!

driving with grandpa to the park to... launch another rocket!

setting up the launch.

this boy hates loud noises. heh.

part of the FEAST.

Ezra ended up eating macaroni & cheese for dinner. OF COURSE.

Hanging out with two of my favorite ladies on Turkey Day- Jacquie & Piper! I love these girls.

This was a brilliant thanksgiving leftovers recipie we tried. Wontons filled with shredded turkey & cranberry sauce- dipped in gravy. SO SO SO SO YUMMY.

The tree!

the snowman!

my living room has never felt so cozy.

WOO HOO Holidays!!

We've also:
-decorated the outside of the house.
-watched 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas', 'The Polar Express', and 'Elf'.
-drank excessive amounts of eggnog.
-baked & eaten peppermint brownies.
-and busted out the Christmas music.

We're blitzed out on Christmas over here, peeps. And I couldn't be happier if I tried. I love this time of year!!


PS. if you'd like, check out my vintage blog! I've posted a few preggo outfit photos over the last couple of weeks. Boop!