January 6, 2011

This Post Went Downhill Quickly... Right Into a Brick Wall.

It's baffling to think that when we moved to Oklahoma, Ezra was only 6 months old. He couldn't crawl. He couldn't roll over. He was a blob. Now, in just four weeks, he will be six YEARS old. And Myer turns two in 9 days. And this third baby will be here in only ten-ish weeks.

Random Questions:

Where is the time going?

Where are all these babies coming from? (Wait, don't answer that one.)

Can you tell that I trimmed my hair? It was becoming quite poofy.

How is it possible that I have a six year old child? That makes me feel old.

You know what else makes me feel old? My new iPhone case. See it there in the picture? My aforementioned six year old son has NO IDEA what it is. And THAT makes me feel... timeworn. Ancient. Decrepit.

I remember when cassette tapes were as good as it got. Technology at its finest! Look how those things spin and the music plays like magic!

Now, cassette tapes are being replicated into silicone in order to protect crazy mini computer/camera/phone/GPS/Internet/Music/Gaming gadget thingy-ma-bobs.

And also? I swam upstream both ways to school everyday when I was your age.

In the snow.


Sabe said...

First off, Ezra is adorable.
Second off, I love your phone case.
Third off, you are the cutest thing ever!
Annnnd, when we went back to Indiana a few years ago my mom was bragging about how she walked four miles to school rain or shine....we drove the path she took to school. Actually, she only walked 0.4 miles. Hah.

Let's hangout soon. I feel like we have lots of catching up to do.

Althea said...

You are gorgeous! Your hair makes me jealous :)

I was in a co-worker's car the other day and saw that she had a tape deck in the console. I was shocked, since i hadn't seen on in SO LONG! And it wasn't an old car!!!

Jennifer said...

I know how you feel. I read an article the other day about all the things that babies born in 2011 will never know existed. Cassette tapes were one of them. The list made me sad and made me feel old. It also made me make a promise to myself of all the things I'll teach our little Riley upon her debut.

Carolyn said...

I love that case! I thought to myself before I read the post, "I wonder why she's holding a cassette tape and how did she take that picture?" :)

Chelsea said...

I love your hair btw. It's super cute!

Lisa said...

I want your iPhone case. I embroidered some onesies this Christmas with a cassette tape on one and My husband said it was ridiculous because the kid wouldn't know what they are.

Mrs. Blimes said...

LOL You make me smile! Where does the time go!?! Its hard to believe my babe just turned two! I wish I had a pause button!

Also, I think your hair is pretty much RAD.

alicia said...

I was too confused as to how you took a picture with a cassette tape.

I love your hair.

that's all. :)

Anni said...

this post made me LOL! I have no idea where the time goes! But it sure goes fast once you start having babies!

Jessica said...

Time does fly when you have the babies. One day they are crawling, the next they are running, and then they're not babies. *sigh*

Your cassette is most awesome.

Lil Muse Lily said...

lol, you crack me with your swimming upstream both ways to school. lol
you look great!! even with a 6 year old. ;)
and yeah... where does time go because Lily is already 14 months old!!!!