April 7, 2011

A Walking Billboard.

Things are going pretty well over here, wherein "well" = mostly chaotic with little pockets of calm sweetness.

Yesterday, I picked up Ezra from school and attempted to take all three boys to Barnes & Noble by myself so that they could play and get a treat and I could get out of the house and drink a yummy jumbo chai latte.

Everything went really really great!

Except for the leaving part.

Myer did the full-on crazy child fit where he was screaming (in a bookstore!) and rolling and kicking and punching while somehow simultaneously going completely limp.

How DO they do that? The kicking and punching AND going limp? Scientists are still baffled.

While all of this was going on, Truman was chillin' in the sling and Ezra kept conveniently wandering off so he could find more science kits to drool over. (<--- nerdalert. haha.)

I stayed calm though, and somehow summoned my Super Mom Strength and PICKED THAT SCREAMING CHILD UP, hoisted him onto my hip, made sure Tru wasn't getting smooshed in his sling, and sauntered out to my car.

I felt every eye in that place on me as we stumbled out the doors. I was a walking billboard for birth control in that moment, ohyesiwas. haha.

I told Myer that he would no longer get to play outside with Ezra when we got home (his most favorite thing to do in the afternoons), due to all the screamy flailing and whatnot. He seemed to understand, and now when he asks to go to the bookstore it goes like this:

"Go Bookstory, mama? Myer no whinin'? Myer no cryin'?"



Truman is still sleeping like a champ and as peaceful as can be. Sometimes he'll wake up from a long nap in his little rocking sleeper (attention all expecting parents: this thing is AMAZING!!) in the living room and I won't even know he's awake because he is just staring at his hand or the fan and not making a sound.

Besides sleeping and eating, he's been busy wrapping the world around his finger, one human at a time.

Here we see him conquering my sweet friend Crystal, who is expecting her own little girl very soon.

He's a charmer, my little Trudude. No one stands a chance against his squirmy powers. ;)


Rima said...

Your children are absolutely adorable.

Read my books; lose ten pounds! said...


Amy said...

Oh my goodness. I had the same experience in Barnes and Noble about two years ago. My third had just been born and my other son had a full on scream fest!! Sound carries so well in B&N!! I was mortified. Now I can laugh about it:) Hope you laughed a bit too;)

Paige said...

Oh, I think they have been putting something in the 2 year old apple juice lately... it's all screams and fits around here.

You are super mom.

Rachael said...

Hahah! I love Myer's little quote there. What a sweetie. And yes, it's amazing how they're flailing and limp. I'll let you know if I find any good research on it.
Sounds like you're handling everything (read: 3 boys) really well! You're such a pro-mom.

Nicole said...

As I read your Barnes and Noble event, I couldn't help but visualize the whole thing. And maybe laugh a little, although I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time. Anyone who can hand a limp screaming toddler deserves their jumbo chai free. Kudos to you dear!

Chelsea said...

You go mom! You rock!

myer looks so much like ezra in that picture with the boy scout hat on.

your boys melt my heart! they are all such little stud muffins.

Erin said...

You make me want three. "whinin'... cryin" and all!

Nikki said...

Such a great post, Em. I can totally relate. How DO they make that move???
Your boys are so very handsome. And you are one amazin mama. Love you friend!
Is it time for an evening out with Chris? I'd love to watch em.

Suzanna said...

You are so stinkin' awesome!!! Barnes & Noble is the classic location for a public showdown!!! You know the eerie whistle music that plays when there's about to be a fight in an old Western...you can almost hear it when you take a toddler into a sophisticated bookstore/hot drink location...hahaha... Anyway, you win, and so does Myer...so great. Gosh, Em, they're gorgeous. Oh, and I just looked up the rocking sleeper and am thinking it may just be God that led me to your blog tonight...do you use it at night, too?

Terese said...

I have had so many moments like this that my oldest son was banned from the local library when he was 6 yrs old, he's now 14 so can probably sneek back in. I have promised to throw car tantrums when he is learning how to drive in a few years time. Ha ha!! Well maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Just when you think you're gonna strangle them they do something so cute you wanna just eat em.

Ash and Rowe said...

I only have one child right now and won't be having anymore for a while (sadly) because I am a single mom. I wish they could be close together in age like your kiddos! But anyways what I'm trying to say is she is 15months old right now and hasn't really hit that tantrum stage yet. But I was just reading in a magazine where a mom was saying, every time they would go to leave, their son would pitch a fit. So they would tell him 5 mins before leaving that it was almost time to go and would have him say goodbye to everyone/everything before hand, that way he could kind of wind down from play time before just being pulled away from it. I thought it could be something to try when mine gets to that stage and thought I would share with you too!