October 7, 2010

16 Weeks.

I am almost at the point of this pregnancy where I could find out what the sex of the baby is, if we were going to do that, but I am not even thinking about that one little bit lalalalalalalalala.

Every time I am tempted with the thought of running and hooking myself up to the nearest Ultrasound machine, I grab back onto the little daydream I have in my head of what it will be like to have that information delivered to me along with my precious baby.

After all of the hard work and the intense waves of pain... after pushing through walls of IMPOSSIBLE that make me feel more like a woman with her feet planted firmly on the ground and a respect for myself and my body and God that increases with each natural birth, there will come a long awaited reward.

The world will go suddenly still and my ears will be tuned to no other words than:

"It's a.....!"

And my husband and I will look at each other and cry and I will get to hold this amazing bundled surprise in my arms and wrap my heart around the idea of him. Or her.

I pretty much think about that moment... all day long. haha.

I am feeling so much better during the days now- to the point where I keep overdoing it because I am just so excited that I don't feel like yarfing. I run around town like a crazy woman and do errand after errand after errand until I feel like a toy whose battery is dying... that hits me right about the time I need to be making dinner for my family. Oops! Sorry, family! Looks like it's frozen pizza again! But look- I got a million other things done today that didn't involve putting food on the table!

I am trying to pace myself. Pacey pacey pace.

Hrm... speaking of frozen pizza, I need to go pre-heat the oven.



Anonymous said...

You are so lovely and I'm so excited to watch your pregnancy progress now that I've found your blog!

Kalle said...

I just love this post. I'll be able to find out the sex of our baby at my next ultra sound and I desperately want to but.......hubby doesn't. We found out last time but I really love the idea of hearing

it's a....and letting the hubby have a little decision making during the pregnancy.

When I go in for our next ultra sound I'm going to think of this post and not find out.

Enjoy the pizza (that's what I'm making for dinner too)

Anonymous said...

your hair just keeps getting cuter. I tried that cut but I don't have the waves like you do so I looked like a scarecrow.

Congrats on the non-barfy feeling, I remember the relief as well.

Anonymous said...

We didn't find out with Daisy, and it made the pregnancy seem so stinkin' long, but that moment when my husband said, "It's a girl!" was totally worth it! I'm so glad I didn't cave in! I can't ever find out again because it was too awesome!

Katy said...

so adorable!!! ;-) I don't want to find out the sex either (in future speaking like 10 years time when matt and i get pregnant! i can't wait to see what that little baby Clark is!!!!! ;-)

skylana said...

aw! remember pacey from dawsons creek!? hahaha
LOVE you. glad you feel all better and prego at the same time! and good job with the self control! i'd never last :/

Alivia said...

You look just lovely! :) And frozen pizza is delicious!

Paige said...

We didn't find out with Hank, and it was seriously what felt like 10 minutes after he was born that I said.. "Oh! What is it?"

We were so happy to have a health baby, and he went straight to my chest that I didn't even think to look for gender for the longest time- it seemed so irrelevant! I don't know if my husband knew or not (I should ask him...) but no one mentioned it to me!

(In all fairness... I tore pretty badly, so once they saw he was breathing and good, their attention was diverted).

I am so conflicted about this next time around though, since it will be our last. I REALLY REALLY want a girl, and I am afraid that I would be disappointed if it was another boy. Which is why I probably won't find out again, because I know that the moment the baby is born, the gender will be irrelevant to how much I love and want it!

stina said...

i've always wanted to wait to find out too. do you remember a doll called "newborn baby surprise"?!?! maybe that's what did it for me. ---or the fact that my mom never found out what my 3 younger siblings would be. it was always so exciting to find out (usually in the middle of the night while grandma was babysitting us) :)

Claudia Guerreiro said...

you have more will power than me, i would be hooking myself up to the machine to find out the sex.
gald you are feeling good!

Laura said...

I am going to do the same if we are blessed with a #2 kidlet. I thought about it a lot after your original post. You have inspired me. :)

Chelsea said...

I am SO excited for you guys. This will be one of the most amazing experiences of your lives and I can't wait to see how it all turns out.