July 16, 2010

Summer Fashion Week - Friday!

I was totally inspired by Paige yesterday and I had to try and recreate a headpiece like hers! I took some scissors to a fascinator that I had lying around (shown here) that I never wear anymore, and... ta-da! New hair flair!! Thanks for inspiring me, Paige! :)

Mutilated Fascinator- from Ross
Cardigan- Thrifted
Tank top- thrifted
Shorts- Free People, thrifted
Shoes- thrifted

I just have to say that I am so thankful to you guys for playing along with me for Fashion Week so far! I am having so much fun, and it is only because of YOU and your ocean-sized sweetness! You guys are QUALITY. For realz.

We girls need to learn to compliment each other more, am I right? You all have been SO amazing about that this week. Why don't we do it more often?? In every day life?? Face-to-face? It makes the world brighter. For the complimenter AND the complimented!

I feel inspired by you guys, is what I'm saying. Thank you.

Only two more days left!


autumn said...

I agree! This has totally inspired me to compliment more in my day to day. And it has been awesome, giving and receiving, my week has been considerably better thanks to all the kind words of these pretty ladies. Thank so much for doing this...it is such a blessing.

ps. your legs are INCREDIBLE. And you always have the cutest little impy fairy poses. I adore it.

katie said...

love that second shot. don't know why, but it reminds me of natalie portman in closer. =) anyway, you're adorable, thanks for hosting, and YES we should all be as complementary and supportive in real life as we are here! this is great.

Bavonia said...

I totally agree with you, I have met SO MANY other mommy bloggers in the last four days. You are awesome to arrange this, I love love love it!!

Erin said...

Emery those shorts are so cute. And you just look CUTE. Love this outfit. Totally something I'd wear.

And I agree. It's so fun to compliment people and to be complimented. This is such a great way to do that. So thanks for putting this together. You inspire us!! You really do. Thank you.

Rachael said...

Emery! You're the most gorgeous girl I know! Seriously. I told Chris that I thought that about you like 5 years ago and it's just as true today. (I hope I don't sound like a creeper....)

And this whole fashion week has TOTALLY inspired me to compliment people more. It's just an all-around wonderful thing you're putting on.

Now, back to your look today... it's my favorite so far! I'm totally gonna steal it when I get the guts to wear a headband like that.

Krystal said...

way cute! happy friday :)

Chelsea said...

The details on those shorts are so cute! I also really love the head band.

you're so clever you little cleaver cute lady you!

Molly said...

I could not have said it better myself. Meeting new bloggers this week has been such fun AND I feel like I'm walking a few inches taller from all the sweetness that has been passed my way!

As usual, your THRIFTED outfit is amazing. Your skillz inspired my post today. So thanks even more for opening a whole new Thrift Shopping world to me! :)

(was that too gushy?)

Anonymous said...

I want the complete outfit, I like it so much. The cardigan is simply ahhhhh. And the stitching (?) on the jeans - sigh.

And for sure you have the legs for the short shorts :-) ... I hate my knees and usually try to keep them covered.

You are so right: the compliments feel like a warm shower each day and it is just the same when we do it in our everyday's life.

Once I mentioned to a male customer (about 40 years old) that he has the most amazing blue eyes I had ever seen (he really has!) and he flushed allover and got tears in his eyes, telling me that a girl had never said something so nice to him (he was a bit overweight, so probably no one was ever trying to flirt at him).
THAT has taught me a lesson and I try to look closely to make someone a gift of noticing the tiny specials that all of us have.

Laura said...

too cute, emery. too, tooooooo cute. i used to have skinny legs but they never looked this good in short shorts. you are totally a model!

did you mix black and brown here? inspiration!! i have a really hard time doing this (i still twitch just mixing GRAY and brown!) but i'm working on it. this is perfect.

With Love, Jamie said...

I love this WHOLE outfit so much!
& since finding your blog, I have totally been fashion re-inspired (sometimes I get in a mommy fashion funk!) thank you!! :)
xx, Jamie

Awesome Alicia said...

you are absolutely beautiful! this outfit just screams summer & I love how you made your own headband. thanks so much for doing this - it's too fun!

Paige said...

You are amazing. I love love your mutilation skills! Black and brown are the new black. It took me a few months to work it, but you are effortless! And... you are totally inspiring me to thrift more often!

Thank you so much for hosting this week... I has meant so much to me. I have been dealing with a lot of loneliness and mild depression since returning home as a SAHM. This is just what the doctor ordered!

KillerB said...

Outfit is totally adorable, but let me cut to the chase and say that YOU HAVE THE MOST GORGEOUS EYELASHES.

Amanda said...

Methinks you need a flapper dress. The image of you dressed in 20's garb would probably kill me though with how awesomely adorable you'd look.

I love this outfit as well. But then, that isn't anything new, you always look great!

Christina said...

I have not been good at checking everyone out this week...but I love this and absolutely appreciate all the wonderful comments left on my page.

Emery- you do casual so well! You are adorable, and I love all of your outfits this week!

Piper of Love said...

You *look* inspired, and *so* pretty all smiley.


Kalle said...

That hair piece is so fun. You look awesome today - as you do every day.

Claudia Guerreiro said...

love, love, LOVE the headpiece!

Lea the Lion said...

What a cute headband!!! You are so pretty!

SomisSurferGirl said...

It's so fun, meeting a whole blogging world through this sweet and easy challenge to "be fashionable"! As an at-home Mommy, I love being able to be thrifty with my sweet thrift finds and look cute while I am at it! (All the while, blessing my husband's and my pocketbook! :)

Thank you for this cool opportunity that has opened up my little world! I'm enjoying the inspiration from you and all the girls participating!

Billi London-Gray said...

LOVE your shorts. And I am oh-so-impressed by your crafty headdress. Nice touch!