June 2, 2010

Vitamin D & Me.

For the first time ever the sun has been drawing me out of doors instead of pushing me back inside. I HAVE NO IDEA WHO I AM ANYMORE. I have always been known for three things:

1. a hater of running
2. a hater of seafood
3. and a hater of sunshine.

I am typically a snow-lovin' girl and a rain-lovin' woman. Big storms make me feel like I can finally breathe and the moon has always been my orb of choice.

Who IS this me that is tending her flowers and setting up kiddie pools and slip & slides and smiling as she pulls on a tank top in the morning? Who IS this me that is digging through the cupboards for sunscreen and choosing (willingly!) to read her books out-of-doors?

I don't even know. It's like a parallel universe.

Up is down!

Left is right!

Emery is tan for the first time since 1994!

Crazy stuff I tell ya...


Nikki said...

cute dress!

MoMar said...

NOT that I believe in Astrology, but it is interesting that you are a CANCER (ruled by the moon) with a Leo rising (ruled by the sun)... no wonder you are confused.
Hee hee !

Kristina H. said...

Hahaha!! I can totally relate! Becoming a mom has changed my view of sunny days and the great outdoors. :)

Molly said...

Your dress is super cute... perfect sunshiney weather wear!

Isn't it cool how we get to change and grow and enjoy different things we never thought we would?!? Yay for surprising yourself!

Chelsea Robbins said...

super cute dress-and your hair is growing out very nicely too!

Amanda said...

I've been experiencing the same. I'm attributing the newfound quasi-outdoorsiness to trying to avoid cabin fever. But it's still such a weird switch since I loathe heat and everything that comes with it.

This child has turned my world upside down.

However, if sunny days call for dresses like the one you're wearing- sign me up!

P.S.- My word verification was "sundes".

Danae said...

Welcome to the other side. It's nice over here! (Hehe!)
I was thinking of getting a tattoo, you know, since like 1998, and one of the things I thought of getting was a huge sun. But then I thought that was kinda weird, like worshiping it or something. But I do so love the sun!

Hunnybee said...

"orb of choice"...that one made me lol!

Kalle said...

I love your dress. It's such a great summer outfit.