June 7, 2010

You're about to get a Christmas Song stuck in your head.

Ezra lost his two front teeth last week.

And, BAM! Just like that, he suddenly seems waaaaay older to me.

Every time I look at his little face and see the big gaping hole where his teeth used to be, I feel complete shock. It's almost like those two teeth held the last remnants of his baby-hood inside of them.

The tooth fairy came and took away his chompers, just like the other two teeth he's lost before, but this time I felt a little sad. Because next comes Kindergarten and then Little League and then Prom and then he's only going to come visit me in the nursing home on Thursdays! And the Jell-o will be all melty! And the only one missing any teeth will be ME!

Okay, maybe I didn't freak out quite that much. But it is tripping me out to see my oldest get... older.

I really am looking forward to the age he's stepping into. In a couple of months, he'll be in school all day, and his days won't be quite so... glommed on to mine. Then I'll get to hear about his experiences and joys and hardships and watch the little boy I adore become more of a young man as he stretches against or embraces things with his own two (scrawny white) arms.

I have so much confidence in this boy. He's going to ROCK at life.

(PS. Does anyone know when the "losing teeth" stage ends? There is nothing that ooogs me out more than dangly, unbrushable tooth nubs. *shudder gag*)


Kerri Foster said...

HE IS ADORABLE!!! And about the age when "losing teeth ends"???? Wellllll...Maddie just turned SEVEN (oh my!) and she is still losing/gaining teeth. So I have no idea when it all ends. Josh is no where NEAR losing teeth, so he'll be ooooohhh so jealous to see Ezra with a gaping hole in his mouth when we come out! PAHLEEEZE say we get to see you when we come out!! xoxo

Rachael said...

Awwwww. What a cutie! And oh man, that last sentence made me giggle!

Charlotte said...

Sorry to break it to ya... but as a teacher, I see kids as old as 8 still losing teeth. I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news!

Susan said...

Well, my 11 year old just lost her last one...and so did my 14 year old (he's slow in that dept). It lasts a while, unfortunately.

And you're so right about how it changes the way they look! Once the big people teeth start coming in, they're officially part big person! Bittersweet.