May 21, 2010

Brought Into Focus.

My super amazing friend, Cameron, took some family photos of us while he was visiting OKC recently for Joel & Morgan's wedding reception. I keep getting frustrated when I try to type out how much of a blessing this was to me, because I just don't feel like I can express it properly, but seeing these images somehow solidified something my heart that I didn't even know was squidgy.

We are a family of FOUR. There was something about seeing us... all four of us... smiling and being happy together that totally floored me. Seeing Myer included with all of us in a picture made him feel more real... like we really were blessed with this amazing boy and he's ours. To keep!! haha. (I probably sound like a wack-a-doo.)

We were a family of three for four years. That's a pretty good stretch of time. It became so normal and so a part of who I was... one of three... that it took something as simple as a photo of what we look like as a family from the outside to drive home the point that I have truly expanded myself and enlarged my heart again in the form of a whole new branch of this little family tree.

What an honor! What a joy! What a vital part he has become to us all! Every time I look at these photos I feel like I'm going to explode with all the thanksgiving and gratitude that wells up in my heart towards God. The God who multiplies and expands us in such beautiful ways. It's all just so amazing.

Go to Cameron's blog to see a few more shots- they are just a sampling of the wonderful work he created for us to keep and cherish forever and ever.

Thank you, Cam-sauce!! We love you so so much!!


Jen Schlenker said...

cameron is incredible!!!!!!

Jen Schlenker said...

and.... the pictures are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Larson said...

Love the images, Cameron Rocks!

Chelsea Robbins said...

i had a similar experience this weekend when we were left alone as a couple for the entire day, lounging around doing NOTHING. I kept telling Dustin "what did we used to do before our son?! We just lounged around and did whatever we wanted!" I feel like life with a child-as a family of 3 has so much more meaning for our lives now.

those photos are stunning.

MrsDixon said...

What a beauitful familY! I love the photos!