April 2, 2010

Spring Fashion Week- Friday!

Only two more days left!


Here's my look for Friday:

Ruffle & Sequin Cardigan- Forever21
Poofy Tartan Skirt- thrifted
Tights- Target
Ballet Flats- GAP

Some have asked, so here are my fashion tips, in short ohdearlord make it stop:

•Dress in a way that makes you feel good. Don't be afraid to experiment until you find things that do.

•Do not waste one more moment of your life worrying about what other people think about what you are wearing.

•Only buy things that make you say "WOW!!" when you try them on. That way, anything you grab out of your closet will make you say "WOW" when you put it on. Why bother cluttering up your space with wow-less pieces?

•Have FUN with your style. Blending in with everyone else is boooooring. :)

•Find people whose style you like, and try to re-create it with what you've got! (Or head to a thrift store with their style in the forefront of your mind.) Try to keep your eyes on the people who avoid the latest 'flash-in-the-pan' trends. Personal style is not something that should change with every magazine issue that hits the stands.

•Buy versatile pieces that can be worn in many ways.

•Dark tights are your friends.

•Cute hats are your friends.

•Don't over accessorize! Understated is always better than overstated. (ALWAYS!)

•Lastly, remember that when you feel good in what you're wearing, you'll almost forget what it is that you are wearing. And then? You will look gorgeous!! When people look uncomfortable in what they are wearing, they don't look good. They just look... uncomfortable. That's the worst.

{{End crazy-lady Rant.}}


So... what are you wearing this fine Friday?


Rachael said...

Oh good! I was debating wearing dark tights with dark shoes and was worried that it wouldn't look good without the contrast in colors but you look so great, you've convinced me otherwise.
I really like the little peep of color at your neckline! I hate to use the word 'adorable' again and again when I comment on your outfits but seriously... adorable.
And yes! I'm JUST now realizing not to buy something that doesn't 'wow' me. There was an awkward time at the end of my teenage years where things didn't really fit so well and that made me hate shopping and hate clothes. As I'm getting back into enjoying fashion (and shopping), I keep falling into the trap thinking, "Oh! This FITS! I should buy it!' I need to get over my surprise that something fits and hold out for the wow.

LauraES said...

Holy Moly, that skirt is beyond amazingly awesome.

Jessica G. said...

I am LOVING your skirt!

Laura said...

I love your backgrounds almost as much as your outfits!!

I have a couple to add to your list:

-Don't worry if 99.9% of the people doing fashion week have a completely different style than you do.
-Ask your sig. other what they think. & sometimes dress how they like. Really. They may be Just a Boy, but it turns out, having a fashion week will sometimes make them speak up and comment and let you know that they love your style. (or maybe try something they've expressed interest in.)

Okay, that's all. Loved this week, Em.

Kim said...

oh my gooooooodness. i love love love this outfit so much! and i agree with not caring about what other people think. i'm trying to do more of that lately.

Emery Jo said...

Laura- I am SO glad you brought that up about your hubby & his input! I agree that it's important to 'dress for your hubby' from time to time. Chris likes when I wear old vintage t-shirts and baggy pants and chuck taylors. It's how I dressed when he first met me. So, every once in awhile, I'll dress like that simply because I know it makes him smile.

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Love the skirt! you are adorable!

Rita Ortloff said...

Amen! Loved that fashion sermon.

(also love that skirt!)

Lindz said...

I don't want it to end!!! I've really enjoyed this and as per your advice, it's been such fun to recreate people's trends with what I have.

Jessi said...

Thanks for the great tips!!

KillerB said...

I loved those tips, thanks Emery! You. Are. Adorable!