October 20, 2009

Fall Fashion: Day Two.

I was actually excited to wake up and get dressed today, even though I knew we weren't going anywhere. (I got dressed just for you guys, is what I'm saying. ha.) Ezra was throwing up all day yesterday. He seems totally fine today, but we are obviously going to hunker down and rest, rest, rest today!

I got this dress a few months ago at Ross. I think I paid $7.99 for it. WILD. I love it and wear it often, even though I accidentally got some grease splatters on it. Oops. (The adorable cut of it cancels out the un-adorableness of the stains, you see.) (PS. Does anyone know how to get grease splatters out of clothes?)

The sweater/shrug thing is a thrift store find. I am realizing that I like outerwear with short torso length but long arms. Maybe it's because I become GIDDY when I find clothing that has enough material to cover my gargantuan, orangutanish arm length? Yes, that's probably it.

The bow is from Forever21, and the tights & shoes were thrifted as well.

Are you all having as much fun doing this as I am? I AM LOVING IT! My favorite part has been checking out all your fun and creative looks. So inspiring!

Here's the list of participants- check 'em out!:

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Mama Bird @ Three Birds.
Kalle @ Growing C's.
Marla @ Today is Mine. Tomorrow is not my Business. (You must see her dress- it's to DIE for!)
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It's not too late to join in the fun! :)


The Cliffords said...

Long-time blog stalker, but I just wanted to pass on a little trick I just learned for getting oil & grease out of clothes: dish soap. I've saved a few of my favorite items so far...

Tiffany Detweiler said...

your SO adorable! I love the bow! Wish I could play along but I will enjoy seeing what you and all the other gals come up with :-)

Hunnybee said...

Love the bright yellow! Perfect for overcast days. For grease I use something called "Janie" (or some name like that). My m.i.l. told me about it. It comes in a little square black tube and is like chalk. Maybe it is chalk. idk. You rub it on the grease stain, let it sit, then brush it off with the little brush that comes with it. Also, it's better to use before you wash the item becuase heat will set the stain. This stuff works well, though. You can find it in the laundry aise. Good luck!

Mama Bird said...

Love the buttons on the shrug.

Super cute!

Katy said...

love it!!! I am also loving doing this! So fun! i'm going home this weekend, so I had to plan out my cute fall clothes to pack! HEHE!!!

Anonymous said...

have you ever thought about a career in personal shopping? i wander aimlessly for hours in a thrift store and never find anything. i would love to pay someone to shop for me.

jilian dee said...

i'm in love with that shrug! what a great find. and I appluase you for getting ready with a sick baby, I didn't have the courage :P

Emery Jo said...

Thanks Cliffords & Hunnybee for the grease tips. I will try them!

Anonymous- Is that a real thing?? Sounds like my dream job. :)

jilian dee said...

if that doesn't work for grease you can try spray n wash, stain stick best ever, has yet to fail me

mrs boo radley said...

Okay...I took some pics...have yet to post them, but am working on that currently...please let me play (a day late). :)

TLee said...

emery - after washing & drying one too many chapsticks in with our clothes, i learned (after unsuccessfully trying many of the tricks listed by others here in this post) that oddly enough, candle wax remover is the ONLY thing that seems to remove chapstick grease! so, if after trying some of these other tips, if you're still perplexed by that stubborn grease, give candle wax remover a try. you won't be sorry!

reen said...

Hi, over here from GGC and LOVE your blog. I had to comment on this one because my first thought when looking at the photo was "WHERE can I find a shrug like that, it looks like the sleeves are long enough to even cover my monkey arms!!" (And this was after discussing the same topic with a coworker this morning). It's so frustrating that clothing manufacturers feel the need to skimp on the sleeves, grrr! Anyway, keep sharing the fun looks you come up with. You've got great style.