October 19, 2009

Fall Fashion: Day One.

I am SO excited about Fall Fashion Photo Week! I can not WAIT to see what you guys come up with and put together in the next few days. Any of you are welcome to join in at any time-- just snap a photo of your outfit and post it on your blog and let me know you did it so we can all check it out!

On to day one...

I found this dress at the thrift store a few weeks ago and cut off the very bottom ruffle layer because it was just a tad too long. Now I absolutely LOVE it and it has been a go-to item in my closet so far this Fall mostly, I think, because of the gorgeous color. It reminds me of pumpkin spice lattes and autumn leaves.

The jacket is also thrifted. (from the little girl's department. Don't ever forget to look in that section if you go to a thrift store. I have found MOST of my favorite purchases tucked away in the little kid's racks.) I wear this jacket A LOT. It's the perfect weight for Fall... not too heavy, not too light.

And here's a list of those who said they wanted to join in the fun:

Laura @ Every Path. (The originator of this awesome idea!)
Mama Bird @ Three Birds.
Kalle @ Growing C's.
Marla @ Today is Mine. Tomorrow is not my Business. (You must see her dress- it's to DIE for!)
Katy @ Trying to Live for Today, While Looking Towards the Future.
Jilian Dee @ Jilian Dee & Dexter too!
Jen @ Lost in Translation.
Amanda @ Lullabies to Terrorize.
Baby Penny @ Ancora Imparo
Indy & Summer @ a shot in the dark.
Christina @ he.makes.all.things.new

Let me know if YOU want to join in too! :)


Kalle said...

mmmm pumpkin spice lattes. ... I love this dress on you, you look great.

mrs boo radley said...

So rad! Love the look.
I would join you...but I think today I am only leaving the house to go Taekwondo...and my uniform isn't very exciting.

jilian dee said...

totally joining in! ps super cute outfit!

Jeninacide said...

OMG I am soo going to do this! You look adorable!

I hope I can get my dang camera cord to work!


Katy said...

Love it!!! That dress is super cute!!!

Mama Kayla said...

Wowzers. You blow me away with your thrift store buys. Amazing!

Amanda said...

I could totally use some new blog material. Can I play too? Can I?! Can I?!

ADORABLE dress by the way. I love the color of it, and you lady know how to wear a denim jacket!

Emery Jo said...

woo hoo! yes, amanda (and jilian and jen) you can totally join in! I will update the linky list! :)

Marianne Elixir said...

Okay, I am kinda joining in, but kinda cheating by making it about Penny's fashions this week. Does that count?

Emery Jo said...

marianne- of course! our youngest member! :)

marla said...

some of my favorite thrifty finds are from the kids section also!

sufferingsummer said...

LOVE that color...it is simply screaming fall!
so I wasn't gonna do it...mostly cause I really used to be into fashion, like a lot...now...well, if I get dressed I'm doing good, but then I saw Marianne's and I thought I would love to have a week of Indy's outfits documented so I'll join with her in sharing her random but awesome fashion sense and I'll try and include my attempts to GET dressed too:)

Emery Jo said...

summer- i am ridiculously excited about this. Yes I am.

joeylear said...

Shoot Emery, now I want to chop my hair off again and dye it blond. You look so good!

Rita Ortloff said...

Oh alright. I'm in. Talk about peer pressure! : )

Sarah said...

Hi! I don't know you but I found out about fashion week through Marianne and Summer and joined (a day late :)! How fun!