October 21, 2009

Fall Fashion: Day Three.

It's drizzly today-- which means I am feeling ridiculously happy. There is a weight that lifts off my shoulders on rainy days. Some of you may think that sounds crazy, while others of you may know EXACTLY what I am talking about. (I think I was made for the Pacific Northwest.)

This sweater is my favorite thrift store find of all time. I think I stumbled upon it back when I was in high school. It sat in my closet, mostly unworn, until probably sometime after I got married. I guess I needed to grow into this one... it didn't suit me or my style when I was a young 'un, but I could see it's value and potential and I am SO glad I never threw it away in one of my many 'closet cleanses'.

The burnt orange vintage boots are thrifted from when I was living in San Luis Obispo, CA... a place that is 70+ degrees pretty much ALL. YEAR. ROUND. Ugh. I remember staring at these boots in my closet while I lived there, wishing to high heaven it would just get COLD for once so I could slip them on my feet.

My jeans are from the Levi's store- a gift from a couple of Christmases ago.

It's still not too late to join in the Fall fashion fun! Check these girls out and leave them some comment-love! :)

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mrs boo radley said...

THIS is my absolute favorite of yours thus far!


Mama Bird said...

love the sweater. So adorable.

Kalle said...

Great outfit, love the boots! I'm with you on the drizzly days. Here in the frigid prairies we complain about the cold but I really do love it. There's just something about crisp air, snow crunching under your boots and the sun shinning. ;)

Marianne Elixir said...

Yep, I came here to say just what Mrs. Boo already said, that this is my favorite so far.

Yea for the little items we just can't purge.

sufferingsummer said...

That sweater is perfection. Also if you ever need a little PNW break you know our house is always open:) we like guests, and tea, and pure joy on rainy days!
I know I'm redundant but this is my fav. of the week too;)

Katy said...

I love this WHOLE outfit!!!! :-) I am IN LOVE with that jacket however! i am going to have to find a way to come steal it from your closet! HEHE!

Laura said...

I am one of those people who knows EXACTLY what you are talking about.

Piper of Love said...

I splashed this about.. because you're so FAB!

Emery Jo said...

thanks guys!! so sweet.

and piper, I'm not 100% sure what that means, but I thank you just the same. haha. love!

marla said...

love the sweater - the buttonsss! so cute. the boots are amazing also. your hair looks g-reat!

modish said...

I haven't stopped by here in a bit, I'm sorry for that. But I had to let you know that a) WOW! Your hair looks INCREDIBLE on you. The best haircut I've seen on you. Ever. LOVE it. and b) your outfit looks adorable, you're such a hip mama and c) I totally understand what you're saying about the rain- that's why I moved to Portland! :)

Hope you're well.
<3 jena

jilian dee said...

ha i do the same thing when I thrift shop, somethings are great you just have to grow into them. This outfit is great, I'm so jealous that you can pull of all these great outfits. I'm i'm ever over there or you're over here (Michigan) playdates are in order :)

post script: our sons will be online bffs they just don't know it yet haha

Christina said...

LOVE the rain.

LOVE the sweater.

This is fun. Thanks for kickstarting this!

Jane said...


I am SO glad you "outed" yourself as a rainy day lover. I've always wondered if I'm alone in a world of sunshiny people. I can honestly say that if the weather report calls for sun and no rain in sight, I feel depressed. It's like reverse SAD.