October 22, 2009

Fall Fashion: Day Four.

Me and the boys had to be out of the house early this AM, and the sun wasn't even up when I was trying to take these pictures. Soooo, that's why they look all jack-ti-fied.

I dropped Ezra off at school and then took Myer with me to work. He slept in the crib the whole time like a little angel bean.

This vintage blouse used to be a big tent dress so I hacked it off and wear it as a pretty, flowy top. I love the big puff sleeves and there is a big bow accent that slants on the left shoulder which is hard to see in these photos.

The jeans are faded black skinnies from Target and the boots are awesome maroon vintage ski boots that are perfect for rainy days like today!

I can't believe there is only ONE DAY left!! *weep*

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Mama Bird said...

That's the ticket, if you dont like the dress, make it in to a shirt! Now you're speakin' my language! It always means more when we can add our own little touches!

{I still can't get over how hard you rock that hair. It's really ridiculous how stinkin' cute it is!}

Katy said...

I love that you have an eye to take some thing and make it into something completely different! You take children's clothes and make them your own for goodness sakes! love this outfit!!!

Sarah said...

Oh no! Only one day left! I figured it was a full 7 days, and I started a day late...maybe I'll continue a few more days when you're all done anyway :) BTW, love your improvisational spirit with the dress/shirt.

Emery Jo said...

sarah- i agree!! i may do the full seven days too because i'm having so much fun!! hehe.

sufferingsummer said...

I vote for 7 days...I wanna see what you ladies get up to on the weekend!
also, brilliant alteration. That is one of my favorite things to do in the whole world I think!
so cute...also I agree that you rock that hair. I LOVE it:)

Charlotte said...

(found your blog from just like camping)

I've loved looking at your fall fashions... you are certainly the snazzy mom! and I agree - you rock that hair!

the whole fashion thing is so fun, I decided to join, for just one day: http://www.thedailysnapshot.org/2009/10/fall-fashion.html

Amanda said...

I also vote for seven days! Just for funsies.

Mama Bird said...

My weekend outfits are so much prettier. '

7 days!!!!


Laura said...

Those boots are awesome! I never even thought about doing weekends. I don't get to wear "comfy" clothes much during the week so I ended up being really lazy and boring on the weekend.

mrs boo radley said...

I don't want this week to end!!!!

I like your pantalones mucho mucho.

mrs boo radley said...

p.s. Today I had daydreams of cutting my hair short like yours.

marla said...

those boots! oh my, those boots. love em.

Hunnybee said...

cute! btw, where are you working? i remember you writing about the possibility, but i guess i never heard the follow-up. good for you! that's awesome you can take the babe with you!