September 28, 2009

When Parents Live Far Away.

You'll have to excuse us over here. We're in the 'Post-MoMar & DooDad Funk'.

It happens every time. They come, we laugh, we play, we stay up late talking, and then they leave. And we mope.

Mopey MckMopers.

Are any of you in this same boat? Where your parents are far away and your children are growing like weeds? It is hard.

This past week was Chris' 28th birthday. We stayed a night in a swanky hotel and got hour long massages and sat in the hot tub and listened to live jazz while sipping yummy drinks in the lounge. (We may have also gone to Ross. To buy a jacket. Because the hotel thermostat was set at 15 degrees Fahrenheit and we didn't want to run home to grab warm things because... you know... THE CHILDREN live there.)

My mom and dad watched the kids overnight for us at the house. We came home so relaxed, that we kind of oozed through the front door with far away smiles on our faces.


That night we had a birthday party for Chris with family and friends. I made beef enchiladas that were on the extreme side of yummy. (I am proud of this feat, this cooking yummily for 15, because I usually mange to screw up spaghetti for TWO.)

Some of Chris' buddies got together and bought him some music equipment he's been wanting for a long time. Because they love him and know what makes the boy tick.

He says it was the best birthday ever.

(Oh, how he deserves it!)

Anywho, we love and miss you MoMar and DooDad! Thank you thank you for everything!!


Lovefrme2u said...

Hi emery I can totally to relate to this blog we feel the same way when our parents leave from such a great just want to cry bc it feels so complete when they can see your babies grow:) hope your well love Nicole

mrs boo radley said...

My parents are a few time zones away...and it's hard...even though we don't have kiddos...I definitely go through Moperstein phases on the way home from the airplatz.


Katy said...

I've been thinking about this lately. Matt and I have been talking about the future (part of our pre-marriage counseling) and how we want to move away for now, but eventually would like to be close enough for our kids to be close to their grandparents. I like to think I'm all ready to get away from my parents and move to Chicago (from West Virginia small town) and be cool with that. However, I know this time next year I am going to be realizing that I miss home more than I thought I was going to. HAHA! ;-)

Growing like weeds?!?! What are you feeding those boys!!!?!?!?! haha

Todd and Meagan said...

I am constantly in that funk. My parents are still in Reno and my siblings are spread out in Seattle, Vegas, Charlotte, NC- and we are in Louisville, KY. It stinks being so far away! In fact just this week I was telling my mom I would be on a plane to visit her if I wasn't so chicken to fly with both boys by myself. My three year old likes to run away in public places...didn't want to chance it. So I feel for you and am so happy you were able to have a good visit with your fam!

Kerri Foster said...

I completely GET that. Remember how we used to confide in one another when all the gals in PG would say, "Oh, we are dropping the kids off at gramma's." Or, "Oh, I need to go to a dr's appt, so my sister is watching the kids..." BLAH. I get that. I miss my sweet momma so much it makes my heart hurt. And mainly b/c she is missing out on my sweet, sweet GROWING babes. Maddie lost her other front top tooth. And no one got to see it but little ole' me. I am having a HUGE pity party now, girl! So glad though, that you and Chris got to celebrate HIM while you could. Yea!! I MISS YOU too, sweet girl! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Babe-we miss you all so much too-when Ezra called we were on the way to Flagstaff & i wanted to turn around & come back just to see the look on his face--but this is just part of life. You all have so much going for you (your freinds are amazing!) Focus on all that you have & be happy with every minute that you have. I am glad that Chris enjoyed his birthday--it couldn't have been better as far as I am concerned. Love to all--Doodad

Multi-tasking Mama said...

Yes and it hurts my heart. Not just that their grandparents are missing out but also all of their Aunts and Uncles. It just stinks.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, it goes the other way too. Both our kids live on the East Coast, we're on the West. I thought we had good relationships with both kids, lots of family time, travel and adventure growing up. Now, we get about one phone call a month, and visits maybe once a year. It's so hard to not be a part of their life anymore. Even when we visit, we don't feel welcome, stay at a hotel and now just stop by for a day or so because that's all the time they have for us. Everything I read about children/parent relationships addresses how parents need to give children room and independence. That was our goal - to raise them to be independent and confident adults. Maybe it worked too well. I think we bend over backwards to do that, but we just feel so forgotten. I feel bad when I ask for photos of their remodeling job, or new apartment so I can know what their homes look like, and then they generally forget to send them. Last time I was visiting, at the request of my daughter, I went to the garden store with her, helped select plants and planted them while she was at work and have asked how the garden is growing. Really, how hard is it to take a photo with your phone and send it? About 2-3 times a year, I'll send an email and ask them to give their dad or me a call so we can confirm some info and very seldom get a response. I've asked if I/we have done something to offend them, and it's always the same answer, no, we're just really busy. I really want to still be part of their lives and don't know what to do. But it makes me very sad.