September 22, 2009

The 'oh-so-Suave' Emmys Party.

photo from Rita's blog!

On Sunday, I got to get together with some really great women at an Emmys party sponsored by Suave at Susan's house.

There was a stylist there, Jillian from Tonic Salon, who was incredibly good at making all of us women look red carpet worthy. She touched my hair and BAM! I fell in love with my crop cut all over again.

Plus, I got to take home some free hair goods! yip! yip!

We drank wine and ate cupcakes and payed very close attention to occasionally glanced over at the Emmys, which was fine by me seeing as how I had to ask someone when I got there what the Emmys even WERE. Turns out, they are television awards. But not daytime television, mind you! Only prime time television.

(I have a pair of rabbit ears perched precariously on top of my TV that serve one purpose and one purpose only: to beam down from high heaven the glorious digital rays known as LOST. They are, for the rest of the year, merely decorative rabbit ears, you see.)


Thanks Susan and Rita and Suave! I had a fantabulous time!!


Anonymous said...

omg, isn't LOST the greatest! I basically feel the same way about TV haha.

- anonymous LOST watcher who stumbled upon your blog.

Hunnybee said...


Danae said...

Love your hair Emery! Beautiful!

skylana said...

ara just saw that picture of all of you and she said 'is that miss nancy's friends?'

her school secretary.