December 19, 2008

35 Weeks Pregnant.

This past week in my pregnancy has brought much discomfort and subsequent grumpy scrooginess to my normally happy countenance. I am uncomfortable. I can't reach my own feet. NO PANTS WILL STAY UP AROUND THIS CANTALOUPE OF A BELLY. I swear, I feel like that's where two-thirds of my discomfort and grumpiness is coming from... from being ANGRY with my PANTS. I've gotten to this point where they won't stay up, so I am constantly pulling on them, and my underwear are being pushed down with every step I take, so I'm pulling on those too, and suddenly I'm in a blind rage and I feel like punching a wall. Seriously.

This is a downside of being pregnant in the Winter: PANTS. At least when it was warm I could wear flowy skirts and dresses. Now, every morning when I open my pants drawer, I feel 'the scowl' creep back on my face. And it doesn't leave again until I can ditch them that night. This even goes for pajama pants (with ties!)... and "mid belly" pants... and "under belly" pants... and "full belly coverage" pants... I'm convinced that there are NO pants made in the universe that will cooperate with this insane belly of mine.

To recap for those who may have dozed off during this rant: HATE. PANTS.

Also, I think this little boy may have scooted down lower a bit, because there's this new trick he does where he moves and then MY LEGS GO NUMB. Usually while I am walking or trying to fall asleep. He must think it's funny, because he does it a lot.

Couple of last complaints and then I'll shut up. (I'm not a big fan of the "Woe is me... I'm pregnant!" posts.) (Although I'm sure this won't be the last...)

- Extremely TIRED.
- Peeing every 5 minutes.
- Sore hips.

The upside- there are only 35! days! left! until my due date. I'm trying to heed the advice that my son gives me when I am groaning in discomfort: He says, "It's otay, mamma. The baby will be born soon. You just go sleep now."

So wise.

Ezra came 8 days early, so I am hoping and praying his brother will follow suit. They say that usually happens, right? If your first is a bit early, the rest tend to be too?




Missives From Suburbia said...

I just had my baby nine days ago, and I can't tell you how much I love pants again. But up until I delivered, I was right there with you on the I HATE PANTS rant. How difficult is it to make comfortable pants for pregnant women... really?

My son came at 35 weeks. Unfortunately, my daughter did not follow suit. She came a scant two days early. I hope you have better luck than I did on the second delivery!

skylana said...

ezra, so stinkin cute! ...ahhh the good ol days... about the pants.. im sure they wouldnt hold up outside but as far as being at home, have you tried goucho pants? that's what i wore EVERY day at the end with ara and nola. so comfy.

also i keep meaning to ask you what that one guy dave's last name was, he went to burn and played football and you are like the only other person i know who was friends with him.... i might have just remembered this second... was it dave... woods?

sufferingsummer said...

I'm with Skylana on the gouchos...that is all I wore towards the end.
Maybe you'll get lucky like I did...Indy was 5 days early and Sabine a glorious 3 weeks early and not a tad bit undercooked...just right.

Misguided Mommy said...

i vote for tights and cute sweater dresses

Annie Peterson said...

Love Ezra's advice!!

Cheatwoods said...

that is wise, when I sneeze Josiah says "mama, did you just pee a little?"

Anonymous said...

How about suspenders? Dodad

MaryBeth said...

Hi Emery,
I'm totally with you on the hating pants! (I'm due in 12 days and am asking baby so nicely to please, please come soon!) Problem #2 is its right around -30 here, so anything other than pants is completly out of the question. My husband took me a couple weeks ago and bought a larger size of maternity over the belly pants...they actually stay up! I hated spending the money, but I was threatning to stay home and wear nothing until baby came and I think my husband was starting to think I might be just crazy enough to do that! Anyways hope the rest of your pregnancy goes great and that baby comes in a timely manner!

Kinsey said...

Suspenders. Do it. You're a trendsetter.