December 15, 2008

A Pregnant Advent.

34 weeks! woot!

There has been something so incredibly special and significant about being pregnant during the Advent season this year. Advent lasts the four Sundays before Christmas, and is the season of eagerly awaiting and preparing for celebrating the birth of Jesus.

The word advent literally means "coming". And, boy oh boy, can I relate.

As we sing and talk of God coming to us as a helpless baby, it has been amazing to have the tangible example of how fragile and small the God of the universe became for us busily poking me in the ribs and stretching against my skin as I go about my day.

Is there anything more helpless than an unborn baby? Even... an embryo? To think that the God who governs all things at all times became an embryo for us... Was painfully born into filth and manure- roommates with a donkey and sleeping in the most humble box imaginable: a trough for the slop and food of musty barnyard beasts.

What a shocking King. A King who nurses at Mary's breast and intimately knows our pains and frustrations as human beings in this world. My kind of hero! Unexpected and seemingly unqualified. These heroes have the greatest stories, don't they?

God could have chosen to send His Son down to us from the clouds in a glorious light- expelling all rumors against His deity and authority. He could have appointed Him to instant power and plowed through His to-do list with nary an opposition. But who can relate to that? How will that kind of a God help the prostitute or the addicted father or the suicidal teen? The very people God came to rescue?

All of this to say... I'm thankful for this baby inside of me and this season. It has been a very poignant way for me to reconnect with the God I sometimes find myself too lazy to love. I'm falling in love with what He did for me all over again. Is it possible that God was thinking of me and my heart while His son was stretching against Mary's womb 2000 years ago? Knowing that this Jesus could speak to MY mother's heart about God's love like nothing else ever could?

I think it's just crazy enough to be true... Just unbelievable enough to embrace with every fiber of my being.


Here's a song I wrote a few years back about all of this. I think I may have posted it on this site EONS ago, but I thought I'd throw it up here again in case you want to hear it...

Humble Baby by emery clark

Also, here's a little Christmas song that Chris & I recorded this year! Hope you like it, too. It's one of my favorites.

Have Yourself A Merry Little C by emery clark & chris clark

To download either of these songs, click here.

Oh, I hope you like them!


Katy said...

WOW! that's an amazing recording of you and chris! The one you made a few years back is amazing as well!!! Such talented people! :-) I just can't wait to see that little baby boy!! COME ON ALREADY!! HEHEE!! :-)

t h a i t r a i t said...

My kind of hero, too. Great songs--I enjoyed both!

| peace |

Talia said...

oh, how I love your words in this post... I echo them with my whole heart and relate so much. My Annabelle was born December 23rd (3 years ago), and that Christmas stands out in my mind as one of the most amazing I've ever experienced. There I was, celebrating the coming of Christ as a tiny little one with a brand-new baby of my own. It was so poignant and sweet, so amazing and wonderful. I felt SO incredibly blessed by it, and was so grateful that God made that amazing event which happened so many many years ago more real to me than ever.
Thanks for writing this... you always seem to capture so beautifully the things I wish I could! :)

BEAUTIFUL songs too. you and your husband are uber-talented!

Momo Fali said...

Oh Em, it's a certainty that He was thinking of you and your heart. An absolute certainty.

You look beautiful and you sound beautiful too!

skylana said...

aw i love that old song. i used to listen to that along with your others over and over in those early days of our lives.

faith said...

i love this post. such a special time for you. a shocking King indeed :)

Not So Perfect said...

Love both songs, you have me in tears, just beautiful.

Pregnancy suits you, you glow.

Laura said...

Yes, it's so wonderful.

He makes all things new. :)

stina said...

humble baby is still one of my favorite christmas songs...ever since i first found in on mysp.

Annie Peterson said...

LOVE are so right.

And, you are so talented!!

Erik said...

Thats a great version of Merry Little Christmas. Has to be one of the best I have heard.

Anonymous said...

Great Post Em...Good to hear the heart of a mother...and a daughter :)

Loved hearing those songs. Humble baby is one of my fav's of yours.
Mucho mucho mucho love my friend!


Catherine said...

Fantastic! I'm 41 weeks pregnant (sigh) and celebrating Advent, so I've pondered and blogged a lot about the two together as well. Good luck to you!

Daniele said...

Your songs are absolutely beautiful. And you look definitely have the beautiful pregnancy glow.

Anne said...

It warms my heart to hear your voice Em...makes me miss you a lot too! Love you guys...hope you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

Kisses to that little boy of yours and the one on the way!

Tracee said...


MarvelousMOM said...

Beautiful. You are truly gifted.