September 5, 2008

Last Minute Vacation!

I've decided last minute to join my husband up in Kansas City for the next few days while he is recording another album with our friend Brad. So... that's where I am right now. Sitting in a Panera Bread in one of my all-time favorite cities. My in-laws offered to watch Ezra for us until Monday, so here I am! Weee!

The guys have some very long days ahead of them in the studio. 7AM until unknown hours of the night. Everyday. So, I am wandering around this town by my lonesome for the next four days or so. What am I going to do with all this free time? I have no clue. I've already spent an ungodly amount of time in the Urban Outfitters here, and I have only just arrived. I am so glad we don't have one of those stores in Oklahoma City. There's only so much coveting a girl can handle.

I'm looking for a cute new hat. You know... due to this dire situation. I think I've worn a hat everyday for the last two weeks.

So far, I've had a great time up here. I'm to the stage in this pregnancy where other! humans! can! tell! that I've got a baby in my tummy, and people have been so sweet and fun and generous with their comments and courtesy... I LOVE this part of being pregnant. It's like, suddenly, the walls come down and people are eager to talk with you and be friendly. All due to the magic bump.

One woman told me yesterday that she was sure I was having a girl, due to the way my belly is "all up front". (We'll find out on Wednesday if she was right or wrong! EEEEGG!) A woman in a store here just stopped me and told me I was beautiful. Ummm... pretty much made my day since I feel like a greasy grease monster under this hat today. (And everyday.) ONLY during pregnancy will other women stop you just to tell you that you look beautiful or cute. We should totally do that for each other more often. Pregnant or not. It makes a girl feel good.

I already miss my Ezzie Bean. I'm sure he's having a ball, but I have so many memories of the last time I was up here for a few days while Chris was recording... everything reminds me of the time I spent here with him- desperately trying to find ways to entertain him in a city that was totally foreign to me then. That was tough, but it was a very sweet time in the long run.

Anywho- I will update as much as possible. Heaven knows I've got plenty of time on my hands! Woot!


Anna Peterson said...

Emery! I live in Kansas City with Elizabeth AND Suzanna... if you want to spend any of your free time reconnecting with the California crew, shoot me an email! :)

Red Eyes of Fire said...

Lucky you

bethany said...

hey emery.
here I am :)
thanks again for a delightful day, and please come back here again.

Talia said...

Wednesday is almost here.... eeee!!! :)