August 30, 2007

More Pictures of Kansas City than you can shake a stick at.

Our trip to Kansas City started out very difficult and painful because the housing situation wasn't exactly what we'd expected once we got there, and I don't know if you know this or not, but trying to keep a toddler entertained allllll day loooong BY YOURSELF in a city you've never even seen before is not the easiest of tasks- especially when you have no home base to return to for naps and relaxing time. By the end of the second day, I was in tears- telling Chris over dinner that I was packing up my stuff and driving Ezra and I back home first thing the next morning.

The guys were in the recording studio all day everyday, sometimes not calling it a night until 2 AM or so. So, Ezra and I were on our own to wander (aka drive aimlessly) through a town I'd never been in before. It was just way too much for me, but the day I meant to head home, my new friend Alissa called and graciously arranged for a nearby family from her church to take us all in for the rest of the week. Um, HOSPITALITY MUCH??

They took us under their wings and we immediately fell in love with these amazing people who opened their home up to strangers and fed us good food and took us swimming and drew us maps of the city so Ezra and I could explore fun places. If it weren't for this family, our trip would have been a disaster. Because of them, it ended up being really hard to leave.

We all had a blast, and the guys got everything recorded just in time. We plan to make many trips to Kansas City in the future... That town is insanely COOL!

The cookies are bigger in Kansas City... the minimum allowance up there is approximately the size of your own face.

These are two of our new most favoritest people on the planet earth. (Check out Jon's website here, and maybe buy an album or two or three or a gajillion because his music is just that good.)

Good times are sure to be had whenever Uncle Joel is near!

Contemplating the fountain.

"I'm not so sure about this, momma. That there water be real high."

Feeling little.

Bravery! And joy!

Soggy socks and soggy shoes, Thunderstorms out of the blue.

Union Station. One of those amazing buildings that makes you feel dizzy even though you're standing solidly on the ground, looking up. Just staggering. I read a billboard there that said the previous Union Stations only had to be destroyed by floods THREE times before they finally decided to MOVE IT TO HIGHER GROUND. Ha.

Eating at a restaurant where a little train brought you your food. Ezra's head only exploded two or three times.

I've never seen him get so excited. This kid was as passionate about the trains in this restaurant as his momma was about her rootbeer float. Ecstasy!

Many, many park days. Many, many blue plastic slides to conquer.

The family that we stayed with the last few days just happened to have a large tub filled with awesome old toys. I owe this tub of toys my very SANITY.

Swimming at the country club with dad.

Leaps of faith.

He doesn't look like me at all. Nope, not one bit.

We found this at the MALL of all places.

We tried to snap a family photo before being booted after the ride was over. You can see Ezra asking for "Oon Moo?" (translated: "One more time? One more time?")

The family that singlehandedly saved my trip to Kansas City from being a total disaster. Aren't they cuuuuute?

Kansas, she is beautiful.


Anna Joy Photography said...

awwwwwwwwawawa! how fun. I love the pic of just you and ezra, flippin adorable!

kachina said...

What's that Jon guy's wife's name? She looks realllllly familiar to me. Fun trip! : )

Scott and Lorie said...

every time i see a picture of you in that leopard sweater i kick myself for the dozen or so times i carried it around target only to talk myself out of it.

i'm an idiot.

and your kid is cute.

too cute for words.

Emery Jo said...

Lorie- Thanks! I actually got that sweater from a thrift store and the tag says its from Banana Republic. I love it too! But I don't think I was supposed to wash it because now it's got little fuzzballs all over it. :( OOPS. Ah well, I'll wear it till it falls to pieces!