July 15, 2008

VBS and Lettuce Wraps.

Ezra started VBS (Vacation Bible School) yesterday and he is LOVING it. Something about a beach ball and duck-duck-goose? Apparently these two things are the most bestest things that have ever occurred in his young life. He gets so excited when he talks about it that his voice raises to the level of a scream... you know, just in case I can't hear him from where I sit two feet away. Gah... it's hilarious.

I am also loving life because I have my mornings to myself for FIVE WHOLE DAYS in a row! Yesterday I went to Target and tried to spend more of my birthday money. Wee! I considered this shopping trip my 'exercise' for the day, because... well, I was walking, right? Or was it more like sauntering? Sauntering is totally exercise. Let it be known.

Today was less glamorous, however, due to the fact that my midwife's office called and said that I am STILL not cleared for insurance even though I should have been cleared weeks ago. Apparently, the insurance place lost the paper that was the documentation of my pregnancy, so my account is still 'pending'.

Today, I drove all the way up to my regular family physician's office to get another copy of that documentation. Then I drove allll the way down to the County Human Services Department (eek.) to drop them off. There was over an hour's wait to see anyone, so I will be going back down there again tomorrow at 8:00 AM to try and get this sorted out before my appointment on Thursday. There is NO WAY I am waiting another month to see someone due to insurance issues. NO. WAY.

Yesterday I was craving lettuce wraps from Pei Wei, so I drove down there and ordered some at TEN O'CLOCK in the morning. They had just opened their doors and I was the only person eating in the restaurant. I felt silly, but was too excited about the food in front of me to be bothered too much by the employee's opinions of my strange brunch of choice.

I ate ALL of the lettuce wraps but one, and was just thinking to myself how I could've SWORN these used to come with some sort of sauce that made them super yummy (they were a bit dry), when I lifted up the very last piece of lettuce and found the sauce HIDING THERE underneath the lonesome green dome.

I felt dumb.

Then I dumped the whole cup of sauce on my last lettuce wrap, took a huge bite, and was instantly transported to the third tier of heaven.


Eva G. said...

A few posts ago: My labor was faster the 2nd time. Just for your record. (-:

Glad you enjoyed your lettuce wraps! For a while with my 2nd pregnancy the only thing that really appealed to me (and were easy enough to eat) was edamame and Pei Wei was the best place to get it!

Modest Mousketeer said...

Lettuce wraps... YUM!!! You can't have them without the sauce, it's essential! Bad sauce, bad hiding sauce.

Morning By Morning said...

It is so cute how they get about VBS at that age~ my son is the SAME way!! He woke up every morning last week & asked "Where we goin' today?" & I would say VBS and he would SCREAM!!!!

I am not sure how I came across your blog ~ but I did! You & your family are too cute!

skylana said...

so you know how i've talked about my insane fear of throw up? i refused to go to vbs for days because i was afraid someone would throw up and guess what? the DAY i went a girl threw up on MY art table! looks like the devil is sometimes at work even at vbs huh? hahaha... and i never went back.

anna joy said...

that last line reminded me why i love your blog so much.