July 12, 2008

12 Week Belly Shot.

Sorry for the poor image quality... but this is me at 12 weeks huge.


Lisa said...

Have you been checked for twins? I mean, WOW!

Talia said...

I so cannot wait for you Dr. appt. There must be some twinsies in there.
And if not, then, well, you have one very healthy baby!! :)
Regardless, you are adorable.

Eric & Tara said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on our blog! Did you know we are Bridgeway-ers as well? Small world!
Ummm, I almost can't believe you are only 12 weeks...let me know when you find out if there are 9 babies in there. :)

Veronica said...

Do you ever get sick of people wondering about twins? I mean, I am 13 weeks on the 17th and about as big as you (maybe a little bigger. Will do photo soon) and EVERYONE keeps asking about twins.