July 3, 2008

Embracing the Reno in Me.

Ezra and I are in Reno- safe and sound! The flights were very pleasant- despite the fact that every single electronic gadget that I stuffed into my 100 lb backpack and lugged through the airport ended up NOT WORKING once we got onto the airplane.

The DVD Player hadn't actually charged even though I thought it had.
The hand held video game system Ezra got didn't work very well WITHOUT THE GAME CARTRIDGES.
And the laptop couldn't play any movies from iTunes because I'd forgotten to "authorize" my new laptop before we took off.

So.... we read books. And traced mazes. It wasn't all that bad- Ezra did great.

Since being in Reno, I've realized how much I needed this little trip and didn't even know it. As soon as I stepped into my parent's house, my body went on 'sleep mode'. I have found it difficult to do much of anything besides laying on couches and eating food. MoMar is off work this week, so she's been around during the days to make Ezra's life an absolute joyride while mama reclines and reposes on the sofa. They've played in the kiddie pool and explored outside everyday. Ezra has taken his motorcycle out quite a bit. And he's had lots of time to get reaquainted with his toys. He is LOVING it.

Joy Ride.

Making Dinner.

Poolin' it at Bower's Mansion- the same pool I used to play at when I was his age. TRIPPY.

My brother Jaxon and his adorable girlfriend Erin.

I've gotten to see my brothers, and on Sunday morning for my birthday we are all going up to Tahoe in my brother Jared's boat. Then we are going to come home and consume ridiculous amounts of grilled steak. I can't wait!

As far as the pregnancy goes, I'm still feeling tired and getting nauseous in the evenings. I am SO ready for the second trimester relief. And it still feels so strange to me that I am this far along and have yet to see a midwife. They like to see you between 8-12 weeks, so I am still in that window, but when I was pregnant with Ezra, I saw a midwife right at 8 weeks- and have an ultrasound picture and everything from the very beginning of it all. I feel like there is a small part of my brain that has yet to actually believe that there is a baby in there- simply because I haven't seen it with my own eyes.

It's getting pretty tough to deny, however. look at this beast-of-a-belly!

Love it. Anywho- I can't wait to hear or possibly see this little baby blip soon. My appointment is the 19th.

Oh, and on a last note- Phantom of the Opera was amazing! The trip was extra fun because it was so last minute and spontaneous. Our seats were the second row from the back on the very highest balcony in the very far left corner, due to the last minuteness of it all, but I still got chills every time the Phantom would open his mouth to sing. Next time? I'm bringing binoculars. And kleenex. Poor mutilated Phantom Man! All alone in the bottom of an abandoned opera house! He needs to join a support group. And learn some social skills. And maybe stop being so creepy all the time.

Chicks totally dig guys that don't try to force them into marriage by threatening to kill their fianc├ęs.


stinamarie said...

ezra's swimmin shorts match a pair the kids have in jamaica :]

cam said...

So glad you're enjoying a nice trip away.

And...I will be so surprised if you have your u/s and find out there is only one babe in there. That is some belly for this early, even for a 2nd-timer.

Take care and enjoy the couch time!

skylana said...

well your brothers kinda fine...

anywhoo... i didn't get into see the doctor with arabella until i was like 18 weeks or something, it was soo annoying... this time i obviously already had my midwife, so i got to see her at 9 weeks... but either way i only get one ultrasound, and thats when i can find out what it is, like 20 weeks, so the appts didnt make much of a difference in the feeling like i'm really pregnant area....

Hunny Bee May said...

Okay, okay. Where did you get that motorcycle. Even if it was hand-built by your best friends dead uncle who only made one and there's no way anyone else in the world can ever have one, can you please tell me (or us) where it came from. I am so in love with that awesome little ride.
Sorry you are sick. I had the flu and morning sickness at one point and it is miserable. Tea and broth were all I could do. I will pray for you to feel all better. I prayed for myself one day when the morning sickness was so bad I didn't know how I could cope another day. I asked God to take it away or just let it get a little better at least, and then fell asleep. I woke up two hours later feeling much better and it continued everyday until it was pretty much gone. So you're right. He does still heal!!!
Take care!

anna joy said...

ezra is looking so grown up!

Maggie said...

ooh, bower's mansion! it's fun when stuff like that happens. it's like, "wait a minute, kid - this is MY pool. i can't have a child, i AM a child!"