August 9, 2007

Prelude Part Two: The Chris of 1999.

Sidenote: Aren't you all so glad I have a SCANNER? hehe. Chris is going to kill me.

Chris was a Senior in High School when I first met him. He went to a school on the opposite end of town as me, so he was quite exotic. He, unlike me, had previously been in a serious relationship. He had experienced heartbreak.

Chris had recently become a Christian and had just started going to a little church in town with the guys from his band. He fell in love with the pastor's daughter, and they dated awhile. The relationship didn't work out, however, because Chris had made some poor choices and ended up hurting the girl he cared for. When it ended, he was crushed.

The guys in his band took him under their wing and really helped Chris through that difficult time. They all became really close, like brothers, and Chris started really wanting to give his whole life to God. It was a season of big change for him.

He says that he remembers seeing me that night when he played at my church and thinking I was cute. We didn't officially meet that night, though. After all, I was interested in Jesse (Chris' cousin), and Chris and Elizabeth were somewhat interested in each other as well, I think.

Our friends were all hanging out at our buddy Ryan's house one night, and I remember Chris being there. He was trying desperately to get my attention (read: doing front flips in Ryan's living room and landing flat on his back on the floor- knocking all of the wind out of him... repeatedly.), and I noticed him alright, but we still had only said a handful of words to each other in passing.

A couple of weeks later, we all found ourselves hanging out at our friend Adam's house- running around and being goofy. We all decided to sit down and watch a movie I remember Chris was sitting on the couch behind me, and I was leaning up against the fireplace. We still didn't really know each other at all. He was holding a bag of gummy worms in his hand.

He took a deep breath, aimed a gummy worm at my head, and threw with all his heart.

I snapped my head around to see who had thrown candy at me, and made direct eye contact with a grinning Chris.

I turned bright red, and immediately took the bait.

**to be continued...**

I liked him so much that I stuffed him in the
back of my car and drove away with him.


dana said...

hehe, to break the ice he threw a gummy worm at your head.

Deana said...

You guys were meant for each other. I remember how happy I was (I really was happy :)) for Chris when he showed me those pictures of your first "date". You could have fun and be goofy together...
It is so good to hear how well your family is doing and that your are experiencing the love and grace of God and that Christ is still the center of all that you do. Time moves on, He remains the same. God is Good :)