August 9, 2007

Chapter One: "Love Blooms."

I fell in love hard and fast.

It was like some crazy tornado whirlwind that I got caught up in, and before I knew what had happened, the farm was gone and the cow was in the tree.

After that night, Chris and I became totally infatuated with one another. He was unlike any other guy I'd met. He played the VIOLA, people. And he played it well. That's HOT SAUCE. I know we were probably somewhat unbearable to be around. (Sorry, Reno friends...) I remember one of the first times Chris and I hung out, we were driving in his little blue pickup truck and he told me he wanted to MARRY ME. I was like, "Wait... what's your name again?"

He was on a mission, and the mission was ME.

I remember feeling really horrible and akward when I had to tell Jesse that his COUSIN had charged in and swept me off my feet. I called him on the phone. He already knew what I was going to tell him, but he made a valliant effort to sway me back to his side of the fence. I remember he told me that Chris had a track record of short relationships, but if I wanted something more long-term, I should be with him.

I never actually asked her about it, but I'm sure Elizabeth was pretty sick of me swooping in and messing up all of her interests, as well. I was completely self-absorbed at this point, and didn't even have the decency to talk to her about it. Chris and I just fell off the face of the earth together and didn't look back. With hindsight, I wish I'd handled things differently and been more aware of the people around us.

I used to wait IMPATIENTLY in my sixth period class until the bell would ring. I would rush out of school and race to meet Chris somewhere. Our first afterschool "date" was at the bowling alley in the bottom of the Reno Hilton. We took pictures and giggled and blushed and probably held hands.

(These photos have been included above for your viewing pleasure. Please note: Wearedorks.)

Chris' Senior Prom was coming up, and we were absolutely SET on going to our first dance together. Chris assured me he could make it happen, he knew someone on the prom committee or something that could get me a last minute ticket... yadda yadda yadda... I probably wasn't paying attention because I was sooo looost in his dreeeamy blue eeeeyes.

There WAS one problem, though. Chris already HAD a date for his prom. He was going to take the younger sister of the girl he'd been in love with prior to me. They were going as friends, but he'd asked her long before I came into the picture.

Instead of backing out with the other girl, or telling me I couldn't come to his prom, he somehow managed to TAKE US BOTH. It was probably the most awkward night of my life. Talk about feeling like a third wheel! GAH, I should have never let myself go under those conditions- it was so unfair to Chris' FIRST date! Again, evidence that Chris and I were focused on no one but ourselves.

Since we were trying to be good and Christianly in our relationship, we had decided not to kiss right away.

WEEKS and WEEKS went by (translation: THREE) after we'd made this oh-so-holy vow, and we still hadn't kissed. (OH HOW I WANTED TO KISS THOSE YUMMY LIPS SOOOOOO BADLY!!)

Finally, the kissing ban was lifted. And I'll never forget that moment...

**to be continued...**


Morgan said...

This is great! Keep it coming! :)

Britt said...

Cody and I had to hold off kissing because of religious reasons, too. But we made it... I'm embarrassed to say... EIGHT MONTHS!!!! OK, I said it. I've never told the Internet that before.

We were "a thing" for five months before we held hands and eight months before we kissed. Ahhhhhhhhh! I'm so embarrassed!!!

sufferingsummer said...

this is quite fun...can't wait to

Anonymous said...

This is riveting... totally takes me back to those days. I can hear the music and crowd just looking at the pic of Jesse. Great story thus far. :)

Jeninacide said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who put myself in umm.. awkward situations, all in the name of love!! : )

Uncle Dave (of Ezra) said...

ah good times I remember losing a friend (sorta) for awhile. Then gaining a sister later on. :)

kachina said...

WHY, oh WHY, do we put ourselves in awkward situations?!?!?! GAH! But your story is making me so happy!!! Keep it coming!!!!!!!!! <3

Scott and Lorie said...

loving every minute.
and the pictures crack me up!