June 11, 2007

A MoMar and DooDad Shaped Hole in our Hearts.

Momar and Doodad have come and gone after their short visit this weekend. It was so amazing to have them here... to experience for a precious armful of hours what many families daily take for granted: time together. A time to be around people who love your kid as much as you do and who feel that the hours spent watching him twirl in the living room aren't wasted, but in fact the opposite- they are some of the most well spent hours they've known.

After we dropped them off at the airport, Ezra spent the afternoon softly pointing to the sky, mumbling something I couldn't understand over and over and over again. He knew that momar and doodad were on a plane, and when we got back home, he wouldn't come inside until he'd seen a plane fly over the house. When one finally did, he said "Doo dah! Doo dah!" and the took my hand and led me back inside.

I feel like I've said this a million times and in a million different ways... We miss our family. For selfish reasons. We don't want to miss out on their lives. We want the security of feeling our saftey net a little closer- close enough to leap into if need be, rather than a 1600 mile kamakaze drop. We want date nights. We want Ezra to know that mom and dad aren't the only people on the earth who love him to pieces.. whose love could grind up a boulder into fine sand for his little toes to wiggle through on a hot day.

We had fun. Here are some pictures:

cute hubby on Uncle Joel's new Vespa

concerned onlookers.

ezra ridin' dirty. (aka pants-less)

behind the waterfall @ the botanical gardens.

crazy alien plant.

chasing dad through the park.

strollin' in the hot, hot heat.

pretty city.

turtle watching.


hanging out at home.

sprinkler attack!

momar and ezzie.

I hope your weekend was wonderful, too... full of gumdrops and fuzzy slippers.


Sister Candace said...

come back, come back, come back.....at least for a little while. You can always move again when you get bored again, or feel the need to move on. We miss you just as much......love you guys!

P.S. we need you both anyways for music in our someday coffee house church

Cheatwoods said...

fun fun fun

Erin said...

Sounds like a great weekend. And it also reminds me to not take my in-town family for granted.

Also, I love the soaked Ezra pics. So cute!

sufferingsummer said...

Ahh I totally understand. We've had it both ways and both have their ups and downs. Date nights are great but you can still do that just find another couple and trade kid sitting having the couple that goes out changing each week...still nothing tops having the ones watching your kid adoring them in the way only grandma's and grandpa's can...it is a conundrum. Just remember God brought you there for a reason and there are many ways to cultivate that family connection for your little guy even with miles and miles between you.
I feel for you...
love love love the photos, it just looks like you had so much fun!

oakie joel said...

hit me up for date night... i'm always game. just ask!!!

momar said...

Thank you for having us. Your home is lovely, your yard is gorgeous and your neighbors and friends are great ! We'll be back. I want to ride the VESPA !

meg said...

looks like fun, i love when family visits...and Joel's new vespa is to die for! no fair Joel.