June 7, 2007

Less whine, more WINE.

Ezra just went down for his nap and I've just had a glass of wine. It was a very PRACTICAL glass of wine, I'll have you know... I just went to the grocery store and so I had to clear out some room in the fridge. The wine bottle was all big and bulky-like, so I thoughts to myself, "Hey, self! Drink the remnants and then (ta-da!) more space!" I have not eaten lunch yet, however, so the wine went straight to my gray matter and the keyboard looks a little... off. A little tilted or smudgey.

Anywhooooooooooooo I had an extremely realistic tornado dream last night that was so vivid, it could have been in HDTV. We ducked, we covered, we tried to break into our friend Charlie's house to throw ourselves down into his basement. In the end, we found shelter near some ATM's and hung onto the railing as the tornado hit us directly and I watched peacefully as Chris clung to a semi-floating Ezra and kept telling him that everything was fine- he was fine and daddy was OK. After the tornado went over us, I felt a huge adrenaline rush, but then I realized some of the people who had taken shelter next to us were... gone. Or injured. The dream was so real that I woke up at 6:30 AM in a cold sweat and couldn't fall back asleep.

I can't stop thinking about what life must have been like in the 'old days' around here... before all the fancy tornado sirens and the detailed meteorological information that they are able to broadcast to anyone with a radio and two opposing thumbs. It must have been this constant fear or dread that a tornado could wipe you out at any time and you would have no way of defending yourself against it. Or maybe it was somehow less fearful because people weren't so over saturated with the possible possibility of one (possibly?) forming every time the clouds became somewhat dark... I get the feeling that the meteorologists out here are more often covering their butts than making credible weather predictions. *sigh*

Ezra has been a complete angel today, and we actually had fun while grocery shopping together this morning. We played a game where I would have him guess which items were for "Mama", and which items were for "Dada". He was correct on the potato chips and the diet coke. (Dada) He was not so correct on the ice cream and maxi pads... Apparently, he thinks ALL THINGS are 'dada things', except for maybe the milk, which he kept calling "joo joo?" (juice.) It is so fun to hear him picking up on words finally (THANK YOU JESUS). He has also started saying 'chair' which sounds more like "cheywoo?".

"Mama cheywoo? Hewp meee!"

TRANSLATION: Is this your chair, mother? Can you be a doll and help me move it over there please? Thank you!

I got some video of Ezra playing with the computer today... it seems he thinks this is what I look like when I blog- the constant shaking of my head in disbelief and the random slamming of the keyboard that creates these nonsense run-on sentences for your viewing pleasure.

Wait... where did I put my camera? Maybe I left it in the living room? OH hold on. There it is right in front of me... RIGHT BY MY EMPTY GLASS. heh.

And, also, this is another face I often make while attempting to write for you all:



momar said...

Ezra is incredibly CUTE ... and you are "belly laugh" funny after that mid-day glass of wine. I agree that you can never have enough free space in the fridge !! Very practical.

Brittany said...

I love when people blog drunk... not that your drunk...

sufferingsummer said...

I love the "dur" face...I see that one often (in the mirror first thing in the morning!)
mmm wine, good idea...now I know what I will do before I start my next blog...glass of wine, somehow I doubt mine will end up so jovial, I always get far to contemplative after a little drinky drink.
Glad the other whine has left the building.