May 31, 2007

Smooth(ie) Operator.

Ezra has always LOVED his fruit. Bananas, strawberries, applesauce... he could eat them all day long if I let him. But about two weeks ago, he refused to eat his morning banana- and since that morning this kid has refused to eat a SINGLE bite of fruit (except for the spoonful or two of organic applesauce I tricked him into eating a few days ago). He was distracted by something and I shoved two bites in his mouth before he realized what happened and started spitting it out. Niiiice.

At first, I wasn't too concerned about it. I just kept giving him the fruit with his meals. And then I kept throwing the fruit out after every meal. After two weeks of this, I was starting to get frustrated. I began trying to come up with sneaky ways to trick him into eating fruit again. (Should I sneak it into his PB&J? His quesedilla?? Uck.) Nothing was working.

And then I finally pulled my head out of my arse (after TWO LOOONG WEEKS) and put some fruit in a blender with some soy milk and made the kid a smoothie.

Float like a buddafly, sting like a beeeee.

Now I just need to figure out how to make vegetables look good.

(I think he's convinced that all vegetables are, in reality, nothing more than toe jam.)


Misguided Mommy said...

my friend used to cook cauliflower and then blend it up like mashed poatoes said her kids loved it. also you can put carrots and zucchini into fact my last months parents magazine had a whole section dedicated to this..i need to go dig it up

Flo Oakes said...

The muffin tip is a good one.
Sera eats veggies with dip...also, I know this sounds wierd...but if you juice a carrot (or other mild veggie), you can put it in a juice or smoothie drink.
I'm has a sweet flavor, and since little kids haven't been around long enough to think that fruit mixed with veggies is weird, it usually works.
You can also buy a green powder that contains a lot of veggie goodness at health food stores to mix in with smoothies. Sera likes it.

Brittany said...

Make sure you let me know when you find something that works for veggies because I KNOW I will go through the same thing with Callaway!

Misguided Mommy said...

oh yeah...i have one of those ridiculous expensive vita mixes they sell at home shows...well when they display it, for their smoothies they always put in some cabage and carrots

Scott and Lorie said...

I've heard that you can't taste spinach if it's pureed into orange juice. But I've never tried it.

L.A. Daddy said...

We do fruit on LA Toddler's cereal, pancakes, waffles, and such. But then she's always been a fan of fruits and veggies.

With veggies, she likes something to dip them in - you might try that. We use a ranch dressing or something like that and she'll eat 'em up.

But smoothies are a great idea!

Misguided Mommy said...

oh yeah and pizza, you can make pizza at home with ultra cheap jiffy pizza dough, hide tons of veggies chopped real small under the cheese adn you are golden!

Anonymous said...

Hi sweets, it's Harmonia. I love you. I like fruit...wanna come over and make me a smoothie?
Hey, just wanted to share some good music with you ....remembering your entry awhile ago about needing some new good music. Brett Dennen is the man. I have 2 of his albums..he's pretty new but really great.
Hope you enjoy if you haven't already. Love ya.

piper of love said...

when Jackson was Ezra's age I would chop up raw brocoli in to teensy tiny pieces and mix it into the pasta sauce. I put a lot in there but the flavor of the spagheti sauce over powered it and he never cared. Then eventually I put bigger and bigger pieces in other things. Now Jackson prefers raw veggies to cooked ones anyday.
Smoothies are brilliant. Our fav is: Banana, orange juice, frozen strawberries and vanilla frozen yogart, then you can sprinkle wheat germ on it...yum yum