June 4, 2007

Pee on a Mommy.

A couple of days ago, Ezra went poopoo on his little potty chair. Then, about 20 minutes later, he went peepee too. We celebrated with much dancing and singing and showering of treats, and Ezra was in HOG HEAVEN. We called grandparents and Ezra excitedly brought the phone over to the potty to "show" grandma or grandpa the wonderous miracle that he had performed and told them very exuberantly:


That same day, Chris just happened to be given a little ride-on toy motorcycle for Ezra by one of his clients he was painting for, so the motorcycle (of course) became "the poopoo motorcycle". We told him that he got the motorcycle for being such a big boy and using his potty for the first time. His eyes were as big as beach balls and he rode around on his new toy for hours without any pants on. Because he likes to celebrate commando style, you know... All classy like.

After this, he started to wonder why he had to SIT on the potty, and why he couldn't just run around and pee on everything while standing up. So, now, it is not at all infrequent for him to run up to me while I am sitting on the floor, grab his little weewee, and go "psssssssss" while pretending to pee on me... bending his knees and arching his back like a true professional.

I calmly tell him that he isn't supposed to pee on mommies, but on potties, and try to direct his excitement towards the desired target and away from, oh, MY FACE.

Thank goodness it is only pretend.

That was, until today, when the "pretending" suddenly became a FRIGHTENING REALITY.



Flo Oakes said...

Ha ha ha ah ah ah hahahahaha!
Ohhhh fun.

Brittany said...

I might just die laughing.... or crying... because I think I may have just seen what my own future holds.

kachina said...

this is totally unrelated to your post::

I just woke up from having a dream/conversation with you. It was awesome. We were talking together while at a restaurant...we were talking about our husbands (funny bc i'm not married), the things that the Lord is doing in our lives/in the world, signs to come, and a bunch of other saddening things which I won't mention here. Anyways, it was a very interesting dream...you have my email address if you want to know more! : )

Anna Joy Photography said...


Mommy & Nehemiah said...

Casey is going to want that toy for Nehemiah...We just sold his bike and used it for a down payment on a car. Sad for him but good for our family.

MoMar said...

priceless !!

Andrea June said...

Oh...my...goodnes! So hilarious!!! I'm glad he's so excited about going potty like a big boy.
Here's to hoping you don't get nailed again.

Tara Jones said...

i came across your blog at anna joy's blog. your stories are so great!

Shawna Herring Photography said...

you are so stinkin funny, Emery.

The Buetzow's said...

"...bending his knees and arching his back like a true professional."

hilarious! such a boy. :-) a very sweet little boy.

with an awesome mommy.

who is gifted more than she could ever possibly know.