July 20, 2006

Superman the Christmas Elf

Well, he's done it again. Chris has made another amazing toy made from scratch. This time, a fort of wonders! I'm begining to believe that Chris is really just a Christmas Elf in disguise. A really, really tall Christmas Elf that doesn't like eggnog.

Today was a hard day because I felt really bored all day and didn't know what to do with Ezra so we watched a lot of TV and then I felt bad. But, can we talk about this heat for a moment?? It was 110 DEGREES outside today. At 7:30 PM. And at 7:30 AM? It was a brisk 92 DEGREES. It's not even cooling down at night so that when the sun comes up again the next day, it just picks up where it left off and all the car tires start melting to the pavement and the flowers in front of my house shrivel up and make me look bad.

IT'S TOO HOT. Did you hear that, God? A little help here, please. Ezra misses his garden hose. He can't play with it lately because when I turn it on, the water comes out boiling... as if it's ready to be poured straight into a mug with a nice loose-leaf tea bag to steep in it... Is all this heat really necessary? What good is it doing??

All that to say, Chris saved the day again by making an ultra-fun toy from the big new TV box. (I added the mailbox touch and made some letters from some cardboard scraps to put through the slot.) Then, he made dinner. Then, he played with Ezra. And he had just come home from working all day long OUTSIDE. In the heat.

If he's not a Christmas elf, then he's most definetly Superman.

That's why I wanted him to buy those boxers so bad..

*nudge nudge wink wink*


Candace said...

Emery...I miss you guys so much. I love how wonderful it is that the two of you always find the greatest things in some of the worst situations. Please always keep on writing because you inspire me....and I can't wait to be a mommy someday! I love you (with tears in my eyes cause I really miss you).
Love Your Sis

Cheatwoods said...

Arent dads cleaver! Ezras is especially so!

the steffenauers said...

It's amazing how useful cardboard boxes can be! My kids still play in them when we set them up.
Have an amazing day emery and we love and miss you guys.

Lori Beach said...

Emery, I truly enjoyed your Blogspot. Russ, told me about it , it made me smile big, giggle a lot and even share pics.
Take care, love to all of you,
keep COOL!
Love ,Aunt Lori

Emery Jo said...


(picture us waving to you frantically back and forth... with huge goofy grins on our faces.)