July 26, 2006

Moving a Mountain

I've just submitted an article to The Burnside Writer's Collective- a semi monthly online publication directed by Donald Miller (dude-man who wrote Blue Like Jazz). I've never done anything like that before. I know it's nothing majorly huge, but I feel like it's, at the very least, some kind of movement in the direction I so desperatley want to go. Like the first tiny pebble being moved from a gigantic wall of disbelief in my head and in my heart. And even if they choose not to use it, it has already been a huge success for me, simply because I DID IT. I can dream and dream all I want, but it's not often that dreams just fall right in to our laps, is it? They require action and faith. I am open to wherever God wants to lead me and wherever He plans to take us in this life. But I am becoming more and more convinced that these desires and passions He's placed in our hearts are there for a reason. The question is: What will we do with them? And when?


Cheatwoods said...

:( I cant see the picture!

R. Loesch said...

I'm so stoked for you. Submitting articles feels great and seeing them actually published is unbelievable! I cried with joy the first time I got the proof of my first article for Nevada Mag. I'll never forget that moment. Keep writing and keep submitting stuff - it becomes exciting and addicting.

Cheatwoods said...

Yeah EMery, You rock!! NO pun intentded! LOL I can see the pic. Im so glad you did that. I well be there for your first book sighning!!