June 14, 2006


It's 8:00AM, and I am actually awake before Ezra is today. This has only happened once before. Poor little dude didn't sleep so well last night because he's got a really runny nose, and all that extra snot kept waking him up. So, I've got my coffee and I'm already DRESSED even, and I have a feeling it's going to be a good day today.

I'm excited to move into our house (if everything goes through) because it won't be as close to the train tracks as this place we're in now. (The train tracks are like 4 inches from our house.) (OK, maybe more like 2 blocks, but it seriously SOUNDS like they are about to sideswipe my living room.) They are constantly blaring their deafening horns, and it is always waking Ezra up. Just recently Ezra has become more aware of these crazy loud locomotives playing chicken with our front door, and when he hears one, he stops whatever he's doing and strikes the 'wha is dat?' pose. Demonstrated here:

Or, if you prefer, the one-handed 'wha is dat?' pose shown here:

So, I'm CONSTANTLY explaining that the noise is just a train, CHOO CHOO! and Ezra has started running over to his book with a picture of a train in it and pointing to it with a terribly worried look on his face. I think the loud horns might scare him a little bit. Maybe I'll go get one of those "Baby on Board" signs that people put in their cars and just STICK IT TO MY FRONT DOOR.

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Cheatwoods said...

that is one smart kid!!! I love the what is dat! When Josiah dose it I just want to DIE!!