June 9, 2006

Random Factoids

Random Fact:

I'm not a big "ocean fan".

It smells like fish breath and rotting metal.

Plus, those horrid little sand fleas attempt to completely DEVOUR your legs as you weave between the slimy seaweed chunks that the ocean has recently barfed out. But I guess it is cool to know that you are standing on the very EDGE of America.

Ahead of you is water, and behind you is AMERICA. All the way back to the East Coast... And you can almost picture someone standing on an empty, cold, sandflealess beach in Maine thinking the exact same thing as you are. (Only in reverse.)

Then you happen to glance at the pefectly tan, trim girls prancing about in the California sand in their tiny bikinis and their cool funky sunglasses (that look ridiculous on you) and suddenly you feel lanky and white and terribly broad-shouldered.

Like I was saying... I'm not a big "ocean fan."

Another (quite embarassing) Random Fact:

I am horrible at Geography.

So horrible, in fact, that after I just wrote about the ocean, I had to google a map of the United States of America to "double check" if Maine actually bordered the water at all.

Chris likes to quiz me on Geographical locations every once in a while for a good laugh.
Example- I was CONVINCED that Philadelphia was a state and I was pretty sure its capital was PENNSYLVANIA... yikes.


Britt said...

I sooo agree with you about the ocean. It's beautiful from a distance, but close up it is stinky and dirty, and I saw on the news recently that they have been finding E-coli in the sand on U.S. beaches. That means beach sand is comparable to raw beef! Sick!!

Emery Jo said...

beaches are gross.

Cheatwoods said...

Im not wild about the ocean either. I think of those mornings when Jerami gets up at 5:30 in the morning, leaving our nice worm bed to get into the freezing, fish infested stinky ocean. But I just scoot over and sleep in the whole bed!! A wife dose what she has to dose! You know!

Cheatwoods said...

we need an update