June 9, 2006

Bulldozers and Dinosaurs

Ezra has learned how to play the harmonica (!)... and, consequently, I am PERMANENTLY traumatized from the never-ending scales in the key of G... up, down, up, down... *twitch twitch* (is there such a thing as noise torture?)

So, it's been a crazy few days... Basically, we found a house we liked and made an offer on it and the guy accepted it and so the last few days we've been waste-deep in piles of paperwork and fees upon fees upon fees...(upon fees). Hopefully our loan will go through OK, because we had to give sweaty landlord our 30 days notice already because we could potentially be moving into the new house in less than 3 weeks...aak!

I will take pictures of it this weekend when we go over there again...It's so great on the inside and it's less than a block from this gi-normous park. I drove by it today and the sign out front said SOLD on it, and it was so insane to know I was the one buying it. While I was staring at it in disbelief, I almost ran into a parked car.

That would have been a great frist-impression on the new neighbors.

Here's some words from a new song I'm working on:

The laundry pile is full of your clothes,
with little socks for little toes,
and bulldozers and dinosaurs
all over everything...

I never thought I'd see the day
when a little boy
would light the way
for loving to the moon and back
no matter rain or shine...


Cheatwoods said...

Congradulations...........How amazing!!!

Cameron Ingalls said...

rad!.... so proud of you guys! and love the new song..... can't wait to hear it!