February 1, 2011

The Sky Is Falling! The Sky is Falling!

So, I went to bed last night feeling all stressed out about the weather because everyone on the news was freaking out and making all these crazy claims like, "This is going to be the worst snow storm ever on record!" I tossed and I turned and I worried that I had forgotten something major, like turning on the faucets to drip or rolling up the windows on the cars.

And after all that stress, this is what I woke up to:



Now, the roads really were bad this AM, so I'm not saying I'm about to zip out and do a bunch of errands or anything (everything is closed anyways), but I just find it humorous that this amount of snow can freak an entire state out and shut an entire state down, when probably about 75% of the other states would call this a pretty mild weather event.

Oh well. I DO enjoy a good snow day. And they've already canceled school for tomorrow as well, so I'd better just cuddle up & make the most of it!

Today we've been playing a lot of video games and watching movies and building forts and reading books. Oh, and Legos of course!

This has never been one of my strong points- creatively entertaining my kids or organizing a whole bunch of activities when we're cooped up. We pretty much slump through these days, but I'm becoming more and more okay with that as time goes on. I'm realizing that it is not really my job to entertain these little humans 24/7, nor do I feel that it is ultimately in their best interest if I do so. I prefer to push them to be creative on their own, without a whole lot of hovering on my part, and see what they come up with on their own.

Myer has been playing with a pirate ship and some little cars for most of the day, and Ezra has been zooming around the house for hours with a mixture of Lego mini figures and a Lego spaceship he built. Cutie Patooties.

Speaking of cutie patooties, I miss this man:

(photo by my friend Ryan Gikas)

Chris has been growing out his beard since near the beginning of this pregnancy, and he plans to cut it after the baby is born. He says it's his way of sharing in the waiting (and growing) process, which I just think is so cool. At this point, he pretty much can't wait to shave it all off, just like I can't wait to have this baby.




Anonymous said...

Living in Alaska, I would say that's pretty mild weather. LOL. But the state is pretty prepared for this kind of thing... You know the french think it's vital for children to be bored and learn how to play with random things and use their imagination. They think it's how their children develop into themselves. Boredom isn't always a bad thing. Snow days are the best, hope you are enjoying it!

Angie said...

I guess some of it skipped OKC and hit Tulsa, because we had quite a bit of snow when I got up. Then it snowed until about 4:30, too. It wasn't mountains of snow, though the snow drifts are pretty high with the wind blowing all day. Plus, roads haven't been cleared at ALL. I was making fun of the schools for canceling last night, before there was even a drop.

I absolutely LOVE that Chris hasn't shaved his beard during your pregnancy. I find it irritating when men talk about "we're pregnant" and stuff, but I like that he is sharing in it without pretending like he is getting a belly or something.

Branson @ Reflection of Something said...

Oh my goodness the growing the beard thing is adorable! So sweet!

Lil Muse Lily said...

i miss snow days....
that is so sweet that Chris is growing out his beard like you are growing out your belly. :)

Katie said...

Cute. Do you know that when you google "15 weeks pregnant" a picture of you pregnant with Myer comes up? Ha! Just saw it last night when I was googleing my pregnancy.

Kristina said...

Ha! The media got us all worked up for snowmaggedon! I'm the same as you about the entertaining my kiddos. Glad I'm not the only one :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh I wish I was there to play Wall-e with Ezra ;)

Anna Ingalls