January 31, 2011


He thinks I can't see him. You know, because his eyes are closed.
Oh, the sweetness!

My husband is out of town in sunny (haha) Minnesota attending the Desiring God conference, and I am SO excited that he gets to be there. The weather is throwing a damper on things however, as we are currently staring down the barrel of a blizzard gun here in Oklahoma, which means my hubby may not be able to get home on Wednesday as planned.


Here's what the weathermen are saying: Starting at 10PM tonight, snow and ice. Up to 12" when all is said and done. On top of that, there are going to be 30 MPH winds. Which equals TOTAL WHITEOUT. They are warning people not to leave their homes because they could become disoriented and lost even in their own neighborhoods. Zero visibility! On top of THAT there is a windchill of negative fifteen degrees.

This is all very winter-y and crazy, but I am not completely shocked because it is currently, you know, WINTER and whatnot... it's just that... it's just that... it was SEVENTY FIVE degrees here only seventy two hours ago! We were outside most of that day playing in the sun and I was sweating!

Bizzaro, I tell ya. Hopefully our power will stay on tomorrow. And hopefully my hubby can get home as planned. This single storm is affecting 20 states! That sounds like a recipe for an airport disaster to me.

To prepare, I will be making a big pile of games and blankets in the living room tonight, with lots of flashlights and snacks handy just in case. I really do love hunkering down on crazy snow days... but it would be much more fun if Chris were here to hunker down with us too. And also if I had a big bottle of wine.

And the ability to drink it.



Girl of The Grove said...

I'm from the Twin Cities in MN, and I can tell you we've had snow non-stop all day today. They're predicting the same for tomorrow. Hopefully it'll blow over by Wednesday. Have fun hunkering down with the little ones. : )

Girl of The Grove said...
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KillerB said...

Whoa-- that's crazy! Bundle up!

Nicole said...

I'm from the Western side of MA. We are getting the same storm you are. But I believe they are predicting snow all day Tuesday and snow/sleet for all day Wednesday. Good luck to you and your husband and have fun!

Rashel said...

I am right here in Okc with you and this weather is so bipolar it isn't even funny. I hate it.

Charlotte said...

Wisconsin is supposed to get the same storm Wednesday morning. eeeeek!

Carolyn said...

We are experiencing the same storm over here on the east coast! Thinking of you during all this craziness!