January 17, 2011

31 Weeks.

I'm just shy of 31 weeks, which means that there are only about 9 weeks left until this baby makes its appearance.

Both the boys came early, though, so it may be even less than that!

Either way, SINGLE DIGITS, people! I should probably start thinking about getting things ready, eh? Aaaand I should probably move into a hotel that is right next to the hospital since my last labor was only about 2.5 hours from the first consistent contractions to the time Myer was born.


We pretty much have everything we need for this baby, except for a couple of random things that I sold after Myer was born. (Brilliant, Emery!) The tricky part is going to be if this baby is a GIRL. I will have nothing to dress her in! She will have to wear hand-me-down white onesies until she is sixteen, at least. haha.

This time around, instead of having a traditional baby shower/registry again, I think I am going to do a 'Sip & See'. Have you heard of this idea? My friend Aimee told me about it. A 'Sip & See' is something you do after the baby is born... you invite your friends to swing by (open house style) and see/hold the baby and you have refreshments and light snacks out for everyone to nibble on. It's very low key, and that way, if people want to get the baby something, they will know whether to buy it in PINK or BLUE! :)

I think it will be lovely.

Speaking of pink or blue, the strangest thing has been happening lately. I thought it would get easier, the not knowing the gender, as the pregnancy went on, but the reverse seems to be true... The suspense is killing me much more now than it was at the 20 week ultrasound (when we could have found out)!!

I'm sure it's just all the building anticipation and the fact that it is so close (yet so far away) feeling. I'm just so excited for that moment... that second in time when I will know if I am the mother to three boys or to two boys and a girl! It's going to be the best surprise EVER!!!!

Lastly, I have been having gnarly allergies all of the sudden even though it is THE DEAD OF WINTER and I just want to say again that sneezing and pregnancy are NOT compatible in any way, shape, or form. (If you're not sure what I am talking about right now, thank the good Lord above and do your kegels. Amen.)


Jennifer said...

Haha! Goodness, I needed that laugh!

I adore the idea of a Sip and See! I've never heard of one before and I think it is an excellent idea.

Oh, and you are just too cute for words!

Jessica said...

You are so adorable! And I admire you so much for holding out on finding out the sex. I guess it's just that much more incentive to push! :-)

Alivia said...

Oh no, silly sneezes! :/ I love that cover, so sweet :)

Rita said...

OMG look at your sweet belly! LOVE!

And, honestly,the suspense is killing all of us. I mean it.

Lil Muse Lily said...

you look great!!! i'm sure it feels different for you but i feel like your pregnancy has gone by so fast!!

you are strong, it would drive me completely mad to not know the sex.
it's driving me nuts and i'm not even the one who is having the baby! lol

also, i just read about a "sip and see" party for the first time on another blog and i think it's the most brilliant idea!

Cali Cakes said...

You are the cutest pregnant mamma! I love your pictures ad reading all about your wonderful(and growing )family!

Susanna said...

i've never heard of a sip&see...sounds perfect! but yes, i've definitly sneezed while pregnant.....oh boy..... ;)

Chelsea said...

we're not finding out the gender of our baby either and I was telling my mother in law that we'd do an "after baby-baby shower" type of thing so that people could meet the baby and bring gifts if they wanted to. I think it's a fun idea!

You look great!

MrsDixon said...

You look so great! I just heard about this sip and see too and think it's an adoreable idea!!!!

Talia said...

I literally snorted (with laughter. of course.) when I read the line "thank the good Lord above and do your kegels."
Unfortunately, I DO know what you're talking about. Sneezing can be... interesting. Oh, pregnancy. Such delights that unfold.

You look SO adorable, Emery. It's probably a good thing we don't meet, because I'd simply HAVE to rub that cute belly of yours. :)

So excited for you! it's getting so close!!! :)

Anonymous said...

hahah..you make me laugh out loud. ("if you're not sure what i am talking about right now, thank the good Lord above and do your kegals..").. o emery i love you.


kristina said...

Seriously- you are hilarious! And the cutest preggers ever.

Elizabeth said...

Hi there. I just found you blog and I love it. I am 10 months pregnant and soooo excited. I love reading about other mommys-to-be. And look at how cute you are with your baby bump! Glad I found your blog! :)