November 11, 2010

21 Weeks.

I can't believe that I have already passed the half way mark of this pregnancy. I feel like I was just peeing on a stick two nights ago! haha.

One change that I have noticed lately is that I am no longer forgetting that I am pregnant. Up until a few days ago, I would constantly forget. Like, 90% of the time. But now that I am feeling some really strong kicks and punches, and now that my belly is getting in the way of things like sleeping and buttoning pants and sitting up and scooching close to the dinner table, this baby is constantly on my mind.

With this comes the never ending hunt for names that obsessively takes over my brain when I am pregnant. We already have our girl name ready to go, but boy names are another story. Picking a name gets progressively harder with each kid because not only do you need to settle on a name that you like AND your husband likes AND has a good meaning AND goes with your last name AND isn't already taken by someone close to you AND isn't likely be the name of ten of his or her classmates, but now it has to mesh well with your other kid's names on top of all of that!

You see?

I obsess.

I feel great and am getting more and more excited to meet this little one with each day that goes by. My eyes have been starting to play tricks on me, where when I see my two boys together playing or coloring or whatever, I suddenly sense a missing presence and I can almost SEE a third child in the room and picture what they will be doing alongside their brothers someday. I must confess that my mind's eye usually puts little blonde pigtails on this mystery child, but there is still a VERY LARGE part of me that thinks this baby is another boy...

Only time will tell!


MarvelousMOM said...

You are beautiful! What a cute little bump. I am shocked it has been 21 weeks already too. I swear time is flying...way too fast for me!

I am going to just go ahead and guess now that it is a girl...even with you having a hunch its another boy.

You look amazing! :)

Ali said...

yay yay yay! I cant wait til I have more of a bump and baby is still in the forget your preggers stage :)
ali <3

Sherry Sage said...

HI Emery
I'm having fun following your pregnancy, we are 20 wks pregnant also and IT'S ANOTHER GIRL for us!! This pregnancy was a big surprise, we thought we were done at 4 but obviously the Lord had other plans for has taken some adjustment but I am now getting excited!!!! SHERRY

Eric and Tara said...

I REALLY want you to have a baby girl... Then our cute girls can play together and be all cute and girly together... you know, right after you and I actually meet in person. ;)
Sidenote: I think you should know that my word verification (for leaving my comment) is, "pinesse" which could also be pronounced, penis, which could be the crazy god's telling us that you're having a boy! I'm just sayin. Remember how I just said the "P" word on your blog? sorry 'bout that.

Anna said...

You are amazingly strong to go through this without knowing! I can imagine that what you feel when you finally get to hold your sweet little one will be something you never forget.

Kelly said...

I'm about 20 weeks as well, and we found out we were having another girl. I have to say that I had to mourn for my vision of boys tumbling around on the floor. I love the missing presence think. I totally have that as well, and did with every child. Amazing, really. God is so awesome! And, I'm so glad to hear your baby is beating you up. Mine is crazy. I'm going to have a crazy, hairy (oh, the heartburn!) huge kid! Love ya!

Emily said...

Well, after 3 girls, we're having a boy. And there are only 11 weeks left to find that elusive boy name. I think I've exited the cute baby bump stage of pregnancy and am striding ever onward toward the "Volkswagen" stage. You however are adorable.

Ms. Megan said...

You are SO adorable!!!!!
Good luck finding a beautiful name!!! I have faith in you!!!!!
Have a wonderful day!!

Alivia said...

First of all, you look lovely! Secondly, I love that you are excited and the fact that even your anatomy (read: your eyes) is excited for the new little one!

Danae said...

I think three boys would be awesome!! However, the switch to a girl would be so fun and new too!! And she would be so dang cute! Prayers for you and your little (growing) family!

Lil Muse Lily said...

you look great!!!
lol, i totally know what you mean about obsessing over the baby names. i think about that stuff all the time. Will and i always had and agreed in girl names but never on boy names.
it's a good thing we had a girl. ;)

Chelsea said...

You look absolutely beautiful!

*can't wait to see that sweet baby!*