July 18, 2010

Summer Fashion Week - Sunday!

***LINK LIST IS FIXED NOW, sorry about that!***

Oh, it is the saddest of days... the end to another fun filled fashion week! I wish we all lived in the same city so we could get together and get all dolled up and celebrate together. Wouldn't that be FUN?

For the last fashion day post, I am posting some shots from a fashion photo shoot I did a couple of months ago (WHY AM I GROWING OUT MY HAIR AGAIN?!? Aggh! I like it short in these pics!) with my oh-so-amazing photographer friend, Crystal Miller. We had such a blast taking these, and with Crystal's natural eye and love of fashion, we came away with some great photos! We took shots of four outfits that day-- one for each season. (I'm only posting the Summer one here today because even the THOUGHT of looking at myself in a WINTER outfit in this triple digit heat makes me want to go hug a glacier. And cry.)

We took these in a local boutique that my friend Lindsay owns called Collected Thread. If you live in the Oklahoma City area, you MUST GO THERE. It is so awesome and cute and fun- and they have great locally handmade baby items too! It's the perfect place to find a unique and thoughtful gift for anyone, really.

So here it is, my last Summer Fashion Week outfit... thank you ALL for playing along with me. I will annonce the winner of the Forever21 Gift Card within the next couple of days!

Yellow Bow Headband- From COLLECTED THREAD
Cardigan- thrifted
Cropped Ruffle Blouse- thrifted
Vintage 80's Skirt- thrifted
Wedges- Steve Madden, thrifted

I will miss doing these fun fashion posts with you all, and I feel kind of like I am saying goodbye to a group of friends, but then I remember that HEY! We're not going anywhere, right? So keep in touch you all!! And don't worry-- we'll do another fashion week again next season!

I've been really touched by some of you sharing how much this week has helped you... from boosting your confidence to making you feel more like 'yourself' to bringing a sense of community... all these things are good and I hope you can take those feelings away from this week and knit them into your everyday life. Because you all are amazing, generous, and kind, and too many of us walk around feeling like we're 'sub par' every day, you know?

So, let's all lift our chins, square our shoulders, and remember to speak our kindnesses boldy.

Oh, and of course, look GOOD while we're doing it.




Charlotte said...

Oh, I wish we all lived in the same city! Then we could play dress up all the time and raid each other's closets. It would be like living with sisters... all the time!

As most people have said, and I shall reiterate - the sense of uplifting community that sprouts from fashion week is so beautiful. It makes me want to see the fashionistas all the more - to hug them, giggle, squeal and compliment in person. But as you said, we're not going anywhere! I hope that we can all be as encouraged as we are right now to edify and commiserate with our sisters, in all areas of life. And besides, there's always Fall Fashion Week to look forward to!

This store looked like such a fun place to have a photo shoot! But no Linky list for today?

Rachael said...

You are amazingly adorable. And why aren't you wearing that dress in the background of your last photo? I bet you'd be soooo cute in it!
And your friend is an awesome photograher!

Rachael said...

P.S. Thank you, thank you, thank you for hosting Emery. This has been soooo much fun!

autumn said...

you are lovely. thank you a thousand million times over.
ps. no linky today?

Erin said...

LOVE this entire outfit and especially love the head band. That's so cute! I'm so glad to have been a part of this. Can't wait for next season!

Anonymous said...

The photos are amazing and the complete outfit matches so well. THANKS Emery, this week was real fun - though I am happy that it's over, since I have time again for some other things ;-)

Hey, get the linky list on for today - we want to see all the fun for one more day.

Molly said...

Your skirt is so very cute. And I've seen those crocheted bows a couple of places on the "Interweb" but wasn't sure about them until this very moment. You've convinced me of their kitchy chic appeal.

Thank you for all the time and effort you've put into hosting this week. It really is such a fun, fun project. I'm excited by the new blogs I've found/friends I've made and overwhelmed with the love and support that's been shared.

Can't wait for Fall!

Chelsea said...

goodness, that headband and skirt, and shoes!!!!!!!!! You look killer!

Thanks for putting this on. You're such an awesome little host and have made it so much fun! I think we're all looking forward to fall fashion week already! It's fun to get inspired by others and inspire along the way!

Thanks again!

Marianne Elixir said...

Thanks for another great fashion week, Emery! I am always surprised at how much I learn and benefit (not just in the wardrobe department!)

Lea the Lion said...

This is such an adorable outfit!! It's very summery! And I love your wedges!! Too cute!! Thanks for hosting such a fun week!! I am looking forward to the next one!!! :D

A.M.H. said...

You are so cute! Love the headband - my favorite color!

And thanks for a great fashion week. And for your awesome blog - that I've been reading for 3 years! - crazy sauce!

Claudia Guerreiro said...

that would be so fun if we could have a dress up party.
i love your short hair. it's not everyone who can wear it short but you certainly can.
i had so much fun doing this. thank you!

Awesome Alicia said...

you are gorgeous! I love the shoes with the skirt with the headband with the cardigan with the top! basically, I love it all & you wear it all so well.

you are really inspirational & I wish we could all get together for lunch and fashion because all these ladies are wonderful and beautiful! I'm glad I participated this week because my outlook in life has definitely changed as well as my confidence. I love you all!

and emery - special thanks for having the genius idea and for hosting. you're amazing & so strong - you're one of my new idols. :) thanks

Lauren said...

I have enjoyed your Summer Fashion Week SO SO much--it is great to look at what others wear, share fun/nice comments, and find new blogs. Thank you so much Emery Jo!

I LOVE your outfit in this post, I am a total sucker for anything floral :)

The Kilhans said...

I just wanted to say thank you for bringing my closet back to life and more importantly reminding me that we all have a unique style and are perfect in everway. WE spend so much time wanting to be something else we forget that others look at us as what they want to be! Love your fashion, love this blog and can't wait to do this again soon!

Billi London-Gray said...

Wow! Those photos are wonderful! You look so beautiful. Your friend's shop looks delightful as well.

Thank you so much, Emery Jo, for hosting this very fun blogfest. Today my husband left town again for school, which made me cry of course, but he texted me just after he and my mom drove out: "Do fashion week for today. You'll feel better!" He was right.

I'm glad I found this, through Sarah Culver, who was unable to participate this time. I don't know how (or if) everyone here knows each other, but I'm glad to be included in such an encouraging group of women. :o) Thanks again.

Marianne Elixir said...

Hi Billi! I am an "in-real-life" friend of Sarah's! Welcome! I am so glad you participated, and so sorry that you will be husbandless for a bit =(

Mrs. Blimes said...

I heart your style! And your blog is absolutely adorable!

Joy said...

oo! love it! so jealous of your style!! i wish i was more vintage...

anywho, i think you should do another summer fashion soon!! because lets face it, i didn't do it except for 3 days and i want to do this again but for the whole week!

Danae said...

I wish I had your legs! Except tan! ;)Thanks for showing us your cute outfits!