May 4, 2010

Ezra & his Amazing Technicolor Dream Fish.

Ezra caught his first fish this weekend! He was thrilled/creeped out... just like his mother!

We threw the fish right back in the water and it swam away like a bat out of hell.

(What does that even MEAN anyway? Why bats? I mean, BATS, of all creatures in existence, should not be getting back out of hell after they die. They should be locked up in the hottest room for all eternity and made to wear little winter coats and scarves... no?)

Well, anyway, it swam away like a fish off the hook.

It's official: my California-born child is now an Okie through and through.

(I was sure a tiny trout was going to grab hold of that hook and teach my baby to water ski.)

What a little man he is becoming.

It baffles me.


Mrs. Beer said...

It's so bittersweet to see your children doing grown-up things. It's so bizarre to experience such incredible amounts of pride, joy, and sadness (that they're growing up SO quickly) at one time! Cute pictures!!!

KillerB said...

Myer looks so pensive!

Joel Limpic said...

take him noodling next.

Susan said...

LOVE the look on Ezra's face in that first pic! So perfect.

Chelsea Robbins said...

i LOVE seeing them doing MAN stuff like fishing with Chris. that's so awesome.

MoMar said...

That is EXACTLY what Ezra's face says !! "thrilled/creeped out" I love it.