January 16, 2010

16 Months Later, A Proposal.

August, 2008

January, 2010

The other day, in our living room:

Ezra: "Keira, will you marry me? You are my BEST friend."

Keira: {After looking Ezra up and down for a moment} "...Nope."

Look out, world. Heartbreaker on the loose!



Liz said...

That is so adorable. He had such courage, only to be turned down. She'll change her mind someday.

Widge said...

oh they are gorgeous!!

My daughter would have happily said yes, she already has a "dilemma" as to who she will pick out of about 5 suitors already and she's still 4!! She came to me in all seriousness one day asking me who she should choose :)

Claire said...

OMG, are these the two most beautiful children you found in the whole Oklahoma, or what? Seriously!

skylana said...

Hahah way to go Kiera! Independent little lady.

Chicago Mom said...

Another Keira (my daughter is named Keira). What cuties! Your son is so adorable.

Katy said...

adorable! My heart melted a little when I read this. Love it!