December 7, 2009

The Joys of Boys.

I love being the mamma of boys. They are just so dang cool... little men in the making. I feel like, at this point, I could be a mamma to a whole gaggle of boys and be perfectly content. As some may remember, when I was pregnant with Myer, I was desperately hoping for a girl. But, I am SO glad that I had another boy because it has created a perfect balance in my heart.

I was so worried that if we had two boys, I would feel all this pressure- like, now we have to have three kids so we can try for a girl again (and what if it's another boy? What then?!?), or we just stop after two and always feel a little sad that we never got a girl. Thankfully, I feel absolutely none of that pressure. If we decide to have another baby someday, I will be so excited to have a boy OR a girl. Or if we decide to stop, I will be completely content with these two ragamuffin brothers that I already get to raise and care for.

Chris and I were laughing the other day, though, because a certain Mr. Ezra James is SO sensitive and SO dramatic and SO emotional, that it is sort of like having a girl already... haha. I can't even imagine what it would be like if we had an actual girl. WOAH. Turmoil.

Example: yesterday Ezra got the teeniest, tiniest, eenciest little scrape on his wrist. I'm talking get out the mircoscope kind of small. He proceeded to screech and wail and roll on the floor for a majority of the morning after that. And, get this, he didn't even know how it happened! It had probably been there for three days before he spotted it.

When I finally convinced him to allow me to put a bandaid on it (mostly so he would stop staring at it and wailing afresh from the sight of it) he walked around ALL DAY holding his "injured arm" in his other arm- about 6 inches in front of his body like he was bracing it from the agony of the slightest glance or breeze.

No joke. ALL day. I was getting sooooooo annoyed.

My mom says I was the EXACT SAME WAY.

Ahhhhhhh ha ha I think that's what they call payback.


Danae said...

He's a doll Emery, I wish him and Ethan could be buddies.

Steph said...

Hi Emery! I am a longtime reader of your blog, first time posting though. This post resonated with me, as I am also the mom of 2 boys (3.5 yrs and 10 mos)and very content. I am constantly asked if we will "try for a girl", and if we do have a third, I honestly would love another boy!

The McGarrys said...

I feel the same way, ladies! Similarly, with my first AND second, I hoped for girls. Now that I have my two boys (3 yrs and 20 mos), I feel that the Lord knew EXACTLY what I needed and I no longer have the girl longing. I have realized that I can handle the physical energy required with boys, but I'm nervous to take on the emotional aspect of having a girl. I know that the Lord would provide what I'd need should that ever happen, but so far I really enjoy being surrounded by males and would be so thrilled to have another lil guy. :) I do sometimes wonder if I'll feel differently when they're grown and hubs is off shooting hoops with them, but I'm also quite comfortable with independence. :) So thankful that He knows who the perfect additions are to our families!


mrs boo radley said...

I would be totally content with all boys in the future! Love Ezra's Band-aid story.

Mama Bird said...

I JUST got that EXACT same sweatshirt at the thrift store last week in a size 12 month for 2 bucks. Old it. I should send it to you so the boys can be twins.

I think your boys are terribly adorable.

Candace said...

I just can't believe how big they have gotten! TOO CUTE!

MoMar said...

I'm glad I was not content with your two brothers and tried once more. Sure, if you had been another boy, I would have welcomed it, but I ADORE YOU and am so glad God blessed us with our drama queen.

b.a. said...

hey! hi! i'm not sure how i came upon your blog, but here i am and i'm really enjoying it. i love the combination of spiritual, marital, and maternal journeys. (plus some cute hair and clothes thrown in for good measure!)

anyway, i have two girls and i'd REALLY love for them to have a little brother someday. but i need to get to the point (that you've reached) where i'd be totally happy to have a third girl and not just shoot for a boy & keep our fingers crossed! ha. i think part of it is wanting to see what a little boy that my husband and i created would be like and look like. you know what i mean? there's that curiosity... however, curiosity is probably not reason enough to bring another child into the world :) who knows what's in store. maybe two little ladies are enough for me.

p.s. i like what your mom wrote.
p.p.s this is an embarassingly long comment coming from a stranger.

erin said...

I'm new to your blog and I'm really enjoying it. I just had to comment because I'm raising 2 boys (3 & 5) and loving it. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing 2 young brothers cuddling and calling each other their best friend.

No Mommy Brain said...

liam and ezra are so much alike! liam bumped his hip on the coffee table the other night and it took him all night to recover. "Mama, I can't paint with this BRUISE!" he says he wants a little sister someday but after reading this i can see a sister OR a brother would be good for him. ;)