December 15, 2009

Christmas Cuties.

Big day today. The boys had their Christmas Program at school this afternoon. Ezra has been so excited about this recital, he's been practicing for weeks. He did SO well singing all the songs and saying all the lines and doing all the hand motions!

Myer got wheeled out on a 'present cart' with all the other munchkins and looked allllll kinds of adorable.

While they were at school this morning, I finished up my Christmas shopping and found a couple of little things for Ezra's stocking. I also got some really cute warm clothes for Myer for our upcoming trip to snowy Utah. I found all this at one of those 'gently used' kid's stores for under $20! score!

The hat was too cute to resist, so I immediately stuck it on Myer's noggin when we got in the car. He's so yummy!!

I hope you all had a lovely Tuesday as well!



KillerB said...

Speaking of cute hats... I like YOURS, Emery!

Britt said...

That present cart full of babies is the best thing ever!

Rita said...

Oh goodness. Would you just look at those cuties!

Ok, now tell me where to find this "gently used" kids clothing store.

PaisleyJade said...

Cute clothes and awesome photos... especially the last one.

Meghan Elaine said...

That 'present cart' is the CUTEST!

Christina said...

Super cute!
And what a great deal you found.
I can NEVER find deals like that!!

stina said...

your hat is cuuuute!
i can't wait for your pictures from utah! it's going to be so beautiful!

Mama Bird said...

the hat and sweater combo is too adorable!