November 21, 2009

A Sweet Night.

I had so much fun at the Cuppies & Joe show last night! I was so nervous because I didn't get a whole lot of time to practice beforehand, but it all went smoothly. (I didn't even fall down on my face or spill anyone's coffee all over their lap! That's miraculous!)

Here's a short clip of one of the songs I played:

A little rough around the edges, but I'm pretty sure that the sweet CUPCAKES floating around the place made up for all the sour notes I hit.

Mwar har.

Happy Saturday!


Catherine Gikas said...

Beautimas! I SO wish I could have been there :)

mrs boo radley said...


Lovely, Emery.

Sarah Viola said...

You're wonderful!

Piper of Love said...

Nerves of steel, that's what I see. You know, beneath all the annointing, talent, and down right loveliness of you.

You dazzle <3

jilian dee said...

such a beautiful voice :)

Mama Bird said...

rough around the edges, p-a-lease!

Sounded beautiful!

Karen, Scott, and Jared said...

"swaddled grace..." such a beautiful thing to think about. especially being a mom, and picturing Jesus as a baby. did you write this song? i love it. thanks for sharing this!

Nikki said...

Love it!!! You are amazing girl! Can't wait to see ya in person! :))

Anonymous said...

I love that song Em...I have it on my computer and listen to it every once in awhile. I like the additions to it. I'm kicking myself right now for not having you play for me while i was there because i LOVE it when you sing.

Miss you.