November 22, 2009

It's Not Rocket Science.

We have a super fun science museum here in oklahoma city, and I need to make it a point to go there more often. Ezra is at the perfect age for it now. On Saturday, we loaded up the kids and headed down there, per Ezra's request, and we all ended up having SO much fun. I think Chris & I ended up playing harder than the boys did.

I MADE this:

(Don't act like you're not impressed.)

This is my husband...
...standing inside of a science museum!

At one point a spooky little gremlin popped out of nowhere and was photographed with my baby:
eeeee hee hee heeeeee! Where's me pot o' gold?

Myer got warrior paint.
Because he's our little stout-hearted warrior muffin.

OMG! The bubble was there and then it... it just... wasn't anymore!
(Also: HOT HANDS? Whaaa?)

And our Ezzie Bug...
...the little astronaut that could.

Hooray, Science Museum!

What are some of YOUR favorite "Family Day" getaways?


Candace said...

WHAT?!?!?!. how come we have never gone to the science museum?

Anonymous said...

This weekend, I spent some undivided attention time with my kids...on Sat, my daughter asked if we could hike behind our house in the small wooded area so she and my youngest tromped through the leaves and we ended up staying back there for maybe 45 mins of just quiet exploring - she led the way while little guy and I followed behind. I didn't hurry her up or suggest leaving...and she loved that she could explore on her timetable with me being "present". Compare that with an activity my middle son chose - we had to purchase tickets and it didn't meet our expectations - not enough hands on fun stuff to do, it was really just an advertisting event with little for the kids to really do or see (and cost WAY too much for what was really just rows of kid oriented business ad booths with some lego stuff thrown in to somewhat placate all of us). We were rushed and harried and getting jostled and as we left, I thought of how that 45 mins in the woods was SO much better and free! We made up for the 2 hrs of insanity at the legofest by having fun climbing up and down the walls on the city plaza, taking escalators, going through every revolving door that was open - kid fun for sure!

Anonymous said...

AHH..this post. FLOOD OF MEMORIES. When I was a little girl we used to live in OKC, and this was my absolute favorite place on the PLANET. Except I think it used to be called Omniplex twenty years ago?
I distinctly remember wishing that I could live at that museum.
thanks for this! so much fun!

Amanda said...

This has reminded me to renew our passes for our local children's museum. Also, your block art- totally impressed!