October 31, 2009

Trick or Treating... Round One.

Our neighbors took us trick or treating last night around the golf courses that their family owns and it was SO much fun!! We have loved getting to know them more and more in the three years we've lived here. They are great people with big, welcoming hearts- and Ezra ADORES their girls.

We all piled in and out of the van and there was a caravan of cars full of the cutest dressed little munchkins in the world and the candy spoils were insane.

Bonus: The scenery was breathtaking, and the weather was perfect!

The aftermath, and my little organizer. (I remember doing this same thing with my halloween candy when I got back from Trick or Treating. We are so alike, he and I...)


meg said...

wow, that's crazy cute! Just curious, how long will it take to eat all that?

Emery Jo said...

Well, last year we got about 1/4 that amount of candy and there is STILL some sitting in the cupboard- uneaten.


I will be using some of this as our 'hand out' candy tonight, and will keep some of the un-halloweeny pieces to set out in bowls for when company comes over for the Holidays.

And, of course, the rest will inevitably find its way to my mouth. nom nom MMMmm.

Jen said...

Sounds like so much fun!! I can't believe he sorted his candy!! Seeing pictures like that makes the teacher in me happy!!!

meg said...

way to 'recycle', haha

sarah louise walker said...

Hahaha that's precious. I used to do the same thing with my candy, but I took it a step further, I wrote them down in a notebook.

Sarah Louise

MarvelousMOM said...

They are so cute! :) We are taking Skylar around to the family.

Mama Bird said...

The 80's picture is too much.


jilian dee said...

that's so cute, i remember organizing my candy too! what a cutie and happy 6th anniversery!