October 26, 2009

Fall Fashion: Day The Last.

So sad this week is over already. Boo. I will probably post outfit photos sporatically from now on, either here or on my vintage blog.

Also, what would you guys think about doing this seasonally?

Today I am wearing a vintage rust orange peacoat, a vintage Express cropped ruffle blouse, vintage high waist shorts, black opaque tights, and thrifted black BCBG heels.

I crocheted this hat back when I lived in California, and then today I just stuck a flower hair clip on it for a little extra pizazz. heh.

Thank you all so much for playing along with me. And thank you again to Laura for inviting us all to join in her fashion feature. I had so much fun! And I got to "meet" a lot of new wonderful bloggy buddies! wee!

Fun news: stick around, because this week I will be hosting a give-away! (A vintage goodie!) You won't want to miss it. :)


Anonymous said...

thought you might be interested in this blog, if you don't already follow it.

Anonymous said...

heh. might be helpful if I left the link, eh?


Amanda said...

Ahhh, that peacoat is to die for! Entire outfit is perfect!

Our Story... said...

SO cute.

I'm a new blog follower of yours - a mom of two boys like yourself (mine are 3 and 1.5), lover of vintage fashion like yourself, follower of Jesus like yourself and progressive in thought like yourself.

Anyway, I'm having so much fun reading your blog - I have a private family blog but I'm considering starting a public blog that would cover many topics - sustainable living, whole foods, faith, parenting, fashion, social justice and any other pertinent topics. Funny to see fashion and social justice back to back in that sentence - but they can be quite related! ;)

That being said, I think you DEFINITELY should do fashion week seasonally. I've LOVED your outfits!!!


Hunnybee said...

This is my favorite. I love the coat. Seasonal fashion would be a fun feature. Maybe I can get in on it next time 'round.

Mama Bird said...

Cute hat girlie.

Seasonally for sure.

OR you could start up a blog where people could submit outfits?? An idea.


sufferingsummer said...

Yes seasonally!
Also if one morning you wake up to find that coat is missing don't be surprised. I might just hop a red eye and return with it in my carry on. So perfect.

Allie Garcia said...

Black tights are the bomb! You go girl!

Kalle said...

You have the best coats ever! Love this outfit and I love the idea of doing this seasonly. Count me in.

Charlotte said...

Yes, please do it seasonally! I'm sad I pretty much missed the whole week... I could have started halfway, but that isn't as fun. I loooove seeing what people come up with, and I'd especially love it for spring!

Sarah said...

Yes, yes, yes, every season let's do it again!