September 4, 2009

Love Sinks.

Yesterday we began the chore chart in our household.

Ezra's responsibilities include picking up after himself and helping with the dishes.

Myer's responsibilities include mopping the floors by drooling profusely and then dragging himself through the puddles. He's VERY good at this.

(You can trace this kid's exact recent course through the living room/kitchen area by following the CONTINUOUS WET STREAK winding its way around on the wood and tile.)

We did a crash course for Ezra- teaching him how to rinse off the dishes that have been soaking in soapy water and how to load the dishwasher. He loves it. (For now.) haha.

Anywho, yesterday was also the first time Myer had a 'sink bath'. He's finally stable enough to sit in there without me being afraid he's going to tip over and hit his head on the edge. It was so much easier than bending down over the tub and trying to contain him in his baby bath. He loved it and so did I.

Oh, kitchen sink, how I love thee! Let me count the ways...


H said...

This is an adorable post! Such a reminder that we often overlook how important things like sinks are...we never know what could hold such precious cargo..or memories!

MsN said...

This is ADORABLE!!!!! Thanks for sharing. Make's me want to put Abby in the sink!

rachael said...

where'd you get those curtains? :)

lorieloo said...

LOVE the comparison of am and pm. =)

we're not at a chore chart yet but our little guy is an eager helper and is already in charge of feeding the dog. I have a feeling our dog with get fat because Henry is a generous feeder. =)

Leah said...

LOVE the sink pictures. those are priceless!

Tanya said...

excellent sink use!

I will do the same once Emily is old enough!