September 3, 2009

Climbing Ladders, Finding Sun.

Last night, after Myer was sound asleep in his cozy crib, Ezra came inside from playing with his daddy and invited me up to the roof to watch the sunset.

It was Chris' idea.

(This is why I love this man so very much.)

If there's one thing I've learned about Oklahoma, it's this: IT IS FLAT HERE. There are amazing sunsets almost every night, but if you are anywhere near trees or houses or MOLE HILLS, you will never see them, because the horizon is obstructed from view. You have to be in a tall building or at the edge of a large field or lake to be able to see the horizon off in the distance... to see the sunsets.

Or, as I learned last night, you can just climb up on your roof.

Sunsets have always been important to me. When I see a sunset, I am reminded of how creative God is... and how generous He is to hang such art above our heads every evening. It reminds me that He is good and that He sometimes makes things for no other reason than the fact that they are gorgeous and He wants us to enjoy them. Sunsets didn't HAVE to beautiful, after all. For all practical purposes, they could have been nothing more than the sun dropping blandly out of our view. But the colors! The clouds! The warm, ebbing light and the lengthening shadows! The growing deep of night and the cold stars cutting through!

It gets me every time.

I plan to enjoy many more evenings up there from here on out. I'm learning sometimes you've got to search out the things that bring you life... Sometimes you've got to climb a little bit higher to reach the amazing things going on right above your head.

All you need is a heart that desires to see it.

That, and... maybe a ladder.


Anonymous said...

"Thunderclouds gather over the prairies, and afterward he scatters wildflowers as far as the eye can see. He fills the oceans with orcas and urchins and who knows what. A single maple leaf is woven with greater intricacy than the finest French lace-even though it will fall with the wind of autumn. New stars are born every day, a new sunset painted ans swept away each night. Such magnificent generosity. No composer ever gave so many free concerts. MacDonald had it right: "Gloriously wasteful, O my Lord, art Thou!"

..."Sometimes only beauty speaks what I need to hear, only beauty helps."

-taken from John Eldridge's "The Journey of Desire"

My heart has been stirred to pursue moments immersed in beauty.


Bluebelle said...

That is lovely. :)

Katy said...

oh i am always so jealous of your adorable little family. :-) hehe! I hope Matt and I can be as fun and great parents as you and Chris! lol! Kind of weird to stay since we've never actually met, but I love reading your stories. Your husband loves you so much. He treats you like a wife deserves to be treated. Like God called a man to treat his wife like God treated the church. So great to see that gentlemen are still around! ;-) It's so great to have someone you know you will be with forever that treats you like the greatest thing that's ever happened to him. HEHE! Okay, sorry for the mush. HEHE!

Samurai Scrivener said...

I wonder if the closer you are to sea level, the more brilliant the sunrises and sunsets. I enjoyed some of the most spectacular sunsets when I lived in the Bay Area.

Emily Faulknor Photography said...

Gosh you are so awesome. I LOVE reading your heart and your style. I would LOVE to hear you lead worship and I love experiencing the Holy Spirit. I just feel like you are a close friend. Thanks for sharing your life. :)

stina said...

a. just saw the first blog comment, from chris, and i LOVED journey of desire. nice to see a reminder of it. makes me want to read it again.
b. i used to climb on my roof too. what a sweet family memory you have now.
c. i like your green sweater!

skylana said...

was that your chris that wrote above?

mushy mushness.
never would have guessed.